Arcane Abyss Sea, the Atlantean Infection AU

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I have sooo many ideas but i really need the time and motivation to execute all of them :sob::sob:

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Started writing a long story of the abyss

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abyss sea X tower defense simulator

new “mutant” and “oracle” towers

mutant is unlocked after triumphing the epicenter map boss

oracle is obtainable after purchasing it for 1800 gems, same as necromancer.

guess what

the exams
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Here’s a little take on Ambanes and the Gifted Ones meeting the mutated corsairs of the Forest of Masts.

Ambanes and the Octopus Corsairs

Ambanes, determining that the other sea clusters could do well with his gifts, decided to sail to the Nimbus Sea to see what it had in store for him and his flock. However, some time after entering the Nimbus Sea, the Bestower was struck by several harpoons and dragged towards the Forest of Masts, Ambanes and his crew along with it. When the ship was dragged close enough to the coast, Ambanes could sense another clan of his kin, which greatly piqued his interest.

Upon landing on the island, Ambanes sensed that the octopus-creatures that captured his ship were far more intelligent than any of the kin he’d seen before, though their intelligence was subsumed by their innate greed. Signaling that he wasn’t a foe, Ambanes strode forth, the octopi keeping their harpoons trained on him in case he tried anything. He eventually met the mutated Captain Maria, whose mutations turned her into a massive, kraken-like beast larger than a brig.

Ambanes could sense that Maria was having trouble keeping the corsairs in check due to their greedy natures getting in the way of unity, so he taught her ways to control them more effectively like he did with Cernyx and the caimans. Additionally, Ambanes also helped in dealing with the last remaining survivors atop the spires, personally converting each one himself.

In exchange, Maria would provide information on the other islands in the Nimbus Sea, namely Sameria. She also gifted Ambanes her old weapons, as she had become too large to use them herself. Satisfied with the deal, Ambanes and his flock left, though Ambanes made a note to return there one day in case he was ever in need of assistance. Having one as powerful as Maria on his side could prove to be quite useful in the future.



And withmore Ambanes shenanigans!!!

Kraken Maria is SUCH a sick idea too, may have to draw her one day


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I mean some people were talking about Altanteans but other than that, zero

Imagine if Vetex adds Martin as an Elysium raid boss


Nah we need Martin to be the boss of Mimhere island.


Here’s a little take on what might happen at Sameria

Invasion of Sameria

Initially, the Samerians would be confused at losing all contact with Ravenna and would send ships to go and investigate what occurred there. Upon arriving at the Bronze Sea, the Samerian envoys would discover the place to be in ruins as Atlanteans run amok. Eventually, their own vessels would be ambushed by Atlantean brigs, with only one managing to escape back to Sameria to tell the tale.

With the threat of the Atlanteans realized, Empress Nilah would recall all vessels to Sameria to defend the island, fortifying it like the Ravenneans did. However, when the Atlanteans eventually showed up, they found the island much harder to invade due to the intricate trench networks dug throughout the island as well as the desert heat being too much for many Atlanteans to handle.

As such, even though towns like Masada might fall, the island would be locked into a deadly stalemate, Atlanteans on one side and Samerians on the other. However, the seemingly endless waves of Atlanteans coming in means that unless something is done, the Samerians would eventually be overrun as the Atlanteans conquer their island.


valid but i think atlanteans would just avoid sameria in general due to heat

True, but there are some parts of Sameria that aren’t as hot as the rest of it (the greener bits). They might stick to those parts if they don’t manage to adapt to the heat

plus the fact that the full nimbus story hasnt come out so we dont know the full extent of the strength of all of the populated islands in nimbus

Rico kills all the atlanteans

who is Rico?

that shall be answered in time…