Ass or Pass: Kingdom Of Fire

Welcome to the first actual entry in Ass or Pass! I’m going to try and keep with the forum rules and not spam so the spacing between posts will be pretty random lol.

In the last post I got a TON of replies to a BUNCH of guilds but I think this one got recommended the most so this one is what I will do today. I will try to get to virtually all guilds relevant and irrelevant so everyone gets their guild in the spotlight!

If you missed the first post, Ass or Pass is a guild review where I (and some friends if needed) will review a guild and either give it a Pass (meaning it is a good guild) or an Ass (meaning a bad guild). I will judge based off of three factors: The Community, The PvP skill, and The guild’s leadership.

Today I will review Kingdom of Fire, a fairly recent guild by @BoxMan / MrNormalBox. KoF has always been an interesting guild. Lets see how it fairs against these rules. Is it Ass or will it Pass? Make sure to read below!


KoF’s Community is a fairly friendly one, it isn’t the nicest community I have seen however nobody there is particularly toxic towards outsiders. I heard from their leader that one of their members was helping a friend that had irl problems in the discord. And, although the chats are hours away from each other, I am willing to let the KoF Community Pass.


KoF will never be a PvP guild. Ever. The PvPers in the discord are usually not even slightly experienced. Even when I try to find the best PvPer that mains KoF, they were just barely above average. Now the guild’s PvPers aren’t Doge Nation or Lunar Light Order tier bad, however they are not that high on the spectrum, at all. For this, I will give the KoF PvP department an Ass.

Guild Leadership

Finally, we touch on the Guild Leadership. As I said earlier, MrNormalBox is the current leader of KoF. As a person he doesn’t seem to be toxic or mean towards others for no good reason. The thing about checking a leader however, is not only to see how they are as a person, but to check how good they are at leading. This is where NormalBox lacks. Not only is he not able to lead a group of people into a server and come up with strategies for organized battle events like ganks or 3v3s, but he seems like more of a snowflake. I recall once that he had called war on a small guild because they had posted some NSFW in his server without his permission. This caused the smaller guild to disband in fear of being targeted by a leadership guild. For these reasons I will have to give KoF’s leadership an Ass

In conclusion I think I will have to give KoF an Ass I do not think you should only go off my opinion alone however and encourage you to go check out the guild yourself lol.

So we did it didn’t we? First guild review done, and tons more to go. Reply with which guild I should get to reviewing next and have a great day!



Actually I mostly agree here. I don’t think my decision of declaring war on water clan was a smart idea l o l.

I was more or less pissed off because the owner of water clan was a pretty big dick. Luckily they are remaking it, with a new owner who I actually like.

Do salvatore next :troll:

also KoF stop logging!

forgot to add that logging part

Most of us don’t play wom so technically we don’t log1!1!!111

and the paying for infamy

yea that was stupid lol. I dunno why we thought that was allowed.

Community wise, I think they pass
Pvp wise, sort of ass
Leadership, triple ass, Mr normal box ain’t the brightest of ppl (look who’s talking). But the main reason it’s an ass is because he lacks motivation to lead his guild and get to the top, he literally cares more about naval, a remake of one of your guilds onyx, than his own original guild, that’s why I’m giving me normal box an ass for kof leadership

yes 100% ass :sunglasses:

Mr normal box, I hope u realize this wasn’t intended as an insult to u.

KoF was made to be a community guild, great community but it was never made to actually hit leaderboards. That was more or less a stroke of luck ig.

nah its k

Oh god I wonder what’s gonna happen when my guilds reviewed.

Hopefully we can pass the community now that tomis been outed.

Just out salmon and I give you a pass :troll:

I go cri now


Review spearbreak next

Also you should do tsbo or roselights or smth.

whats tsbo

Don’t review us YET. We’re not even out rn. Besides we need to get better at pvp and get a better community. Why do you THINK I both put the guild under training and banned tomi?