Ass or Pass: SunCry

What’s going on you beautiful and fantastic people! I’m back for another daily entry in Ass or Pass! Today, I review a guild that has been requested since the VERY START. Hope you guys enjoy!

If you aren’t familiar with the series so far, Ass or Pass is a guild review where I share my opinion on some popular and unpopular guilds! In order for me to resolve on whether a guild is Ass or if it Passes, I have to judge them based off PvP Skill, Guild Leadership, and Community!

If you do not know what SunCry is then you haven’t ever played World of Magic past the Guild Update. SunCry is the current top place on the infamy leaderboards. Recently, the guild has gone through a lot of leadership changes thanks to yours truly. Its current leader is @Apothecary. Although its top on the infamy leaderboards, will it be an Ass or will it Pass? Lets see!


SunCry Eclipse could beat some entire guilds. No guilds can beat them at the moment. Nothing much else to say lol. Pass.

Guild Leadership

Currently, SunCry is on its 4-5th leader. I have only been around for its last 3 and to be frank the only one that I saw as active in game and active in the community and vc was Jason. However, when Jason’s true colors were shown, he was exiled from the guild. I can’t bring myself to describe him in a positive manner after what he has done. The next two leaders, Apoc and Achen, both seem inactive at least to my eye when it comes to leading them in game or leading them in other games. Sadly, I must say that so far SunCry’s leadership gets an Ass.


And finally the community. Its full of random and dumb people, its huge, its monitored by an annoying bot, BUT what really carries the SunCry community is the Legions, and we all know that. SunCry has 3 different Legions, Eclipse for PvP, Solstice for PvE, and Equinox for Lore. Every Legion has around 30-60 people and is really where many others and I made tons of friends (Shoutout to my boys and girls in Eclipse, y’all cool as fuck). Due to this I can firmly say, that SunCry’s Community gets a Pass.

So in my conclusion, SunCry gets a Pass . I already know that this result will anger some people so say what you think in the replies. I cannot stress how much fun you guys are making this. Have a great day and thanks for reading! Don’t forget to reply with your guild name to get reviewed!

Shoutout to @bikbok for looking at every single one of these (Don’t worry most of you will get shoutouts later on)

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Salvatore now

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Salvatore pls

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thank you someone being kind

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why would i praise nobledragon :face_with_raised_eyebrow: ? dude is horny on main

The​ community​ is​ ass​ the​ retard​ got​ in​ so​ easy

anyways i think guild leadership should be pass and community ass

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fully agree with jabare here, councils should be counted for the leadership part too. They did a great job when jason was exiled and theyre still doing a great job. Should be a pass

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even apoc alone is doing a great job imo but yeah you’re right

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Salvatore next? (biased)

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I’m not in suncry really that much anymore so if hes doing a good job its not that public

salvatore got 3 replies

yea its going next

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