Average Day in Magius: Story Simulation - Chapter VI

Writer's Notes

so i gotta sleep sometime soon for my sexy sleep schedule (that I’m desperately trying to keep) and I deadass breezed this part in the evening

to be honest this chapter’s plans already felt like an acid trip
and with shit that happens in this part + I finished this in an evening, it feels even more like I’m on drugs while writing story simulation

if you remembered how I mentioned my heartbeat rate some parts ago, yeah. it gets pretty high when I upload a part/chapter bc my excitement (tbh just assume I’m easily excited with my ocs in general), and NOW I GOTTA LOWER THIS BAD BOY SO I CAN SLEEP WITHOUT MY EXCITED ASS HEARTBEAT KEEPING ME UP

- Zion

How far do you think we can get with threatening Rael’s well-being?
We’re almost halfway through the entire story, make your bets.
…Wait, no. Make your choices.

     Rael, Aurielle, and Jean stopped focusing on the ancient letters as they heard a scream, followed by crashes from beneath.
     The letters in this room were like an unknown language to Rael, so he might as well do something with the sounds from earlier. “I’ll go—“
     “I’m going to check out what happened below—“ Jean interrupted at the same time, though Rael stopped when she was halfway through the sentence. She looked at Rael for a moment, before continuing, “I’m going with him then.”
     Aurielle looked at both students with a mild concern on her face, though she later hid her nervousness and nodded. “Alright, I’ll try to figure out stuff here. Try to stick together, okay?”
     Jean replied with “Got it, miss!” before Rael said the same afterward. The pair headed to where they came in and went down there.

     As they had to go down along with the waterfall, Rael climbed downwards on the stones, while Jean hovered downwards on a platform of light magic.
     Jean’s descend went by at a much slower pace, as she just learned about this spell earlier today. But once she noticed Rael slipping and falling into the waterfall, she hurried after him.
     Their fall ended when Rael crashed at the end of the waterfall, and Jean noticed the place they ended up at.

     A large cave that extended to the seas outside, with a few ships and boats stationed there. Along with the sunlight reflecting on the waters far away, several lanterns laid down on the wooden paths, where she could notice some Castlian soldiers exploring this dock. Aside from the soldiers and Rael, she couldn’t sense any strangers nearby.
     Rael pulled himself out of the water to where Jean was standing, as he squeezed some water out of his clothes before looking around.
     “Anything caught your attention?” Jean asked, as Rael continued to look for where they could head next.
     Most of the soldiers’ attentions were on the ships, and a few of them discovered some other routes in this cave.

     “What’s next… Wait, where did Joseph go?”
     “Not sure, he could be with—”
     As Rael pointed at one of the routes the soldiers went inside, an explosion echoed from that direction.
     Jean grabbed Rael’s arm and headed there together, only to find Joseph arriving at the route’s entrance from inside, disheveled.
     “On guard!” he yelled towards everyone outside, including Rael and Jean who just arrived.
     As Jean noticed the panic in how he caught his breath afterward, she asked, “What happened?”
     Joseph pressed his temple, sensing magic energy around him. “Something’s approaching us, and they could arrive from any entrances around here.”
     Jean concentrated and sensed for any energies around, and her eyes widened as she sensed something.
     Rael tried to mimic how the two just sensed for the magic energy. Even if he hadn’t grasped the magic sensing fully, he felt a dark magic approaching rapidly from all directions—from the front, back, left, right, above, and below.

     Joseph charged his glass magic as a magic circle grew on his hand, before he slammed it onto the ground, creating a glass barrier, surrounding the three.
     At the moment he cast a barrier, shadowy humanoids appeared all around the dock. And they all chased after the soldiers one by one.
     One of the shadow figures broke through the glass barrier in a second, before it grabbed Jean by her throat and dragged her away. As Rael tried to pull her back, another figure pulled him away by the leg. The figures dragged the three away from where they were, and the same went to the other soldiers who were together.

     All the hues were drained away from Rael’s sight, as the shadow figures attacked him with their magic. Though, Rael noticed some other soldiers fighting back and freeing themselves from them, as he punched the figure that grabbed his leg, before noticing that he could destroy the figure with his strength.
     Even if the figures could be destroyed by both magic and physical attacks, they kept increasing in amount. More of them appeared, chased, and attacked everyone.
     Rael noticed Jean’s light-colored hair, then he saw her being pinned down onto the ground by the throat, as she struggled to fight back the horde. But even if Rael forced himself away from the shadows to save Jean, the figures later dragged him away before one of them beat him into the head.
     To make it worse, Rael’s sight began to spin as purple clouds of poison magic appeared on the ground, before they start covering the entire dock along with the shadow figures. To top it off, Rael could barely see something blocking the entire exit towards the seas.
     The shadow figures continued to attack Rael by holding him into the poisonous clouds as they suffocated him. Before Rael could attack the shadowy arms that strangled his neck, all the poisonous clouds ignited and exploded, charring everyone with the heat in a flash.

     While he still had to deal with the shadow figures preventing him from doing anything, yet another explosion sent the stones falling from above the waterfall, as some lights shined from there.
     Not too long, the light became brighter as an earth platform appeared at the end of the waterfall, followed by two figures falling along the waters, and onto the platform.
     One of the figures—Aurielle—got out from the platform and landed on the dock, before attacking the other figure with her gold magic spells. The two then continued their fight at the dock as the other figure sent a flame attack, forcing Aurielle to hover away from it. Their fight proceeded without the interruption of shadowy figures, as they continued fighting in the air, on their hovering spells.
     “OVER THERE!—” Aurielle yelled as she pointed at the blocked exit towards the sea, before she blocked the attacks from her opponent—the man who only spoke to her in relentless attacks so far, from what Rael had seen. As he continued to clash against Aurielle, he glanced at everyone fighting against the shadows, before he glared at Rael.
     The man mumbled something as he glared at Rael, before Aurielle’s attacks sent him towards the cave’s wall. But even then, he sprung back and continued the fight with her one on one.

     With Aurielle’s order, Rael punched through some of the shadow figures surrounding his upper half, as he tried to free himself from the ones surrounding his legs with his magic. After he freed himself from a majority of the figures, he noticed Jean sending the shadow figures away with her magic’s explosion, before she turned to him and pointed at the wall behind Rael.
     “Behind that w—”
     A shadow figure interrupted her with its attacks before Jean could finish her sentence.

What’s your (Rael’s) next priority?
  • Immediately see what’s with the wall behind him, and possibly try to attack it
  • Save Jean, and see what’s with the wall behind him, and what Jean has to say about it
  • Jump into Aurielle vs ??? fight
  • Save Jean, and head to the blocked path towards the sea
  • Immediately head to the blocked path towards the sea

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