Average Day in Magius: The Main Thread


This thread is just one hell of my WoM OCs (original characters) collection. I’m attached to them, and I’d like to give them some life, so why not make a casual series for them?

In a nutshell, this is pretty much a series set in WoM’s setting. Each storyline follows a certain group of people in Magius, and the stories are told by the ‘storytellers’.

This project is a casual passion project I’ve been working on. Main storyline updates may not be consistent as I’m still struggling with it.

Also, if you scroll down at this post from the very beginning, please keep in mind that I may change story stuff a lot. (Especially if they aren’t included in the ongoing/finished storylines.)

Main Storylines

Story Simulation [ONGOING]

The thirteen storytellers, including myself, will bring you guys on a journey in Magius.
You might be familiar with this story’s direction.
The Minotaur and the Exiled, Aurielle Salore and Dacien, do those names ring any bells?
To us, they came from a lost and incomplete story.

- Valerie F.

First Part: Average Day in Magius: Story Simulation - The Prologue
Latest Part: Average Day in Magius: Story Simulation - Chapter V: The Last Part

All chapters and parts so far

0. The Prologue
1.1. Chapter I
1.2. Chapter I: The Last Part
2.1 Chapter II
2.2. Chapter II: The Half Way Through
2.3. Chapter II: The Last Part
3.1. Chapter III
3.2. Chapter III: The Half Way Through
3.3. Chapter III: The Last Part
4.1. Chapter IV
4.2. Chapter IV: The Half Way Through
4.3. Chapter IV: The Last Part
5.1. Chapter V
5.2. Chapter V: The Half Way Through
5.3. Chapter V: The Last Part

Terribly Written Summary

In case you want to quickly catch up with what happened in each part and chapter.
Featuring yours truly, my ‘low quality’ summaries.

Prologue Summary
  1. Storytellers announced that they would annoy the readers in every chapter.
  2. Rael was created and now existed in the ADIM’s Magius. He’s doing your regular hero storyline and he’s approaching the Minotaur.
  3. Rael VS The Minotaur, and both are sent to the Silent Tower for different reasons later. (The Minotaur got arrested while Rael got whacked.) The Captain, Levi, allowed Rael to leave the infirmary room thingy in the Silent Tower later. The Exiled then jumped on Rael and told him to find Aurielle.
Chapter I Summary


  1. Rael attempted to find Aurielle at Summer Hold, but found two soldiers (Ace and Issac) who told him to find her in Riverville. Aurielle gave him a hoagie and asked about the fight with the Minotaur.
  2. A brief teaching moment where Aurielle gave Rael advice on casting spells.
  3. Rael decided to go to New Alalea with Aurielle, and met a fellow student; Jean. Aurielle then left her students together to attend a meeting with Magic Council, about the Dark Arts Society guild. In the end, the Exiled was missing and left behind a broken and bloodied helmet.
Chapter II Summary

aka. “A fun trip at Bronze Grasslands, featuring a literal teenager and Rael’s doppleganger” chapter

  1. Aurielle returned to her students days later (they were training together during those time), brought them to Bronze Grasslands, and left them there. Rael and Jean gangsta’ed on the bandits until this teenager named Hifumi jumped on them.
  2. Rael and Jean VS Hifumi gangsta until Kat (who looks like Rael but female) showed up, told Hifumi to leave, introduced herself.
  3. Rael straight up punched Kat as she asked a question about their stance on peacekeeping. Kat proceeded to beat Rael until he’s down to the ground, and continued attacking Jean. Kat VS Jean ensued as Jean unlocked Ice Magic mid-fight, while Rael was watching them fight from a distance. Remember how the Exiled went missing at the end of Chapter I? He now ended up at Summer Hold.
Chapter III Summary

aka. “Transitioning from the chaos at Bronze Grasslands to the chaos at the Silent Tower” chapter

  1. The Exiled and King David found out Aurielle brought Exiled here to recover, and she continued to ask the king about any quests for her students. He then gave her and Exiled the maps to Chapter V’s quest. Meanwhile, Kat decided to spare Rael and Jean and left the scene. They then head to Jean’s home to recover.
  2. Rael cooked some stuff for Jean and himself, and Jean noticed some sussy things about the Silent Tower (with evidence and stuff they obtained from Chapter II). Meanwhile, Kat reported whatever happened in Chapter II to Dacien. Dacien then helped her figure out that she and Rael were long-lost twins. (Rael was adopted, and Kat was [WILL BE EXPLORED IN FUTURE CHAPTERS])
  3. Jean headed to the Silent Tower with Rael, and gave the sussy looking stuff to Captain Levi, who later told every soldiers to be on their guards today. And, the attack on the Silent Tower had started…
Chapter IV Summary

aka. “A trip to the Silent Tower gone really wrong” chapter

  1. Starting off from Dacien’s, Hifumi’s, and Kat’s POV doing shit they had been doing as Chapter III’s events progressed slowly, until Dacien sent Hifumi for the attack in Chapter III’s finale. Hifumi distracted a big chunk of soldiers (plus Rael and Jean), while Dacien was exploding the tower where the captain was, and Kat escaped with the Minotaur who got arrested during the prologue.
  2. Rael went after Kat who escaped with the Minotaur to the beach, then Rael VS Kat with them doing some scarring damage on each other’s faces. It ended with Kat drowning Rael in the sea. While he was drowning and about to pass out, he heard Jean being nearby.
  3. With the power of votes, Rael pushed Kat and forced himself out of the seawater. He then grabbed Jean and rushed back to the Silent Tower for her safety, and passed out there. Rael woke up bandaged, with Aurielle reexplaining chapter V’s quest as ‘investigate what the fuck is going on in Marshlands/Eastern Peninsula, bc they sent some sussy pirates to the Castlian shore’. Oh yeah, Rael’s family sent him a funny dagger from his great-grandpa.
Chapter V Summary

aka. “Fun trip at the Marshlands (it’s fucking swamplands actually)” chapter

  1. Rael/Jean/Aurielle headed to the Marshlands, Aurielle noticed some suspicious presence, and they arrived at the Castlian soldier camp. Mini Captain Levi aka. Soldier Joseph then briefed the overall investigation.
  2. Rael/Jean/Aurielle decided to head to the sussy unnamed area with Joseph and his soldier gang, though the trio headed there first bc Joseph told them to. Cue the hover spell practicing montage, and then rowboat rowing montage. Also, they found a sussy underwater hole and a sussy presence with 2 magics.
  3. Rael went down into the underwater hole, got yelled at by Jean, and followed along the underground watery path. The trio arrived at a sussy room (Rael almost took a long fall to discover this room) with ancient letters, where none of them could translate shit that’s written on the wall (with my creative liberty, the ancient letters now are much harder to translate in ADIM-verse). Also, they heard someone crashing at where the trio took the turn towards the sussy ancient letter room.

Lost Things [DELAYED]

All the things they’ve lost or yet to obtain, will be found in this story of finding.

Test Part: Lost Things - Part ?/13, The Test [ Average Day in Magius ]

[To be continued]

Official Trello Board for information bits


That’s great and all but you forgot Burgess Jr. the omnipresent god.


Sounds like an intresting series

Can’t wait to see this coming

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oh god oh fuck how could I’ve forgotten about him

oh no


it’s actually a series of comics/short stories/drawings coming out at a really inconsistent rate lol



image image image
keihatsu fellows

relationship guide because yes yes
this may be outdated in future stories though

Also another note. When the storyline update hits, several characters and squads will be separated for their storylines. Will the separated characters be reunited? Who knows.

anyways, have a floofy carson here as a finisher


Another extra doodle but this time it’s hidden bc reasons

If you aren’t into character shipping implications, ignore this reply.

Joseph and Jacob content yes yes

image image image image

other than the ship art, have a froggy on ace’s head


As a dumbfuck that’s garbage at drawing,this is very pog to look at :sunglass

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Dang I wish I can bookmark this for good.

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Ok, time for story rambling #1! (They won’t be numbered later so yeah, think of this as a decoy number lmao)

Each rambling would be hidden and can be read when clicked. Most of the ramblings will come in a form of me typing random shit in lists, so don’t mind my unorganized explanations.

As I’m aware that I ship a lot of characters for some reason, some ramblings may have ship implications. But at this point, no characters are planned to have romantic relationships. Although some crushes are possible if you connect the actual right dots

Regarding William and Hina + Hina's motives and stuff
  • Lemme just explain about ‘William’s men’ part I’ve written in his bio first, he basically makes connections to those people, then slowly starts to make ‘deals’ with some of them, depending on his current situation. He gets some loyal underlings through this too.

  • Most of the deals promise things that go along with the dealer’s goals, such as money, fame, etc. As for the exchange, William is aware of what the dealer is actually capable of (killing, stealing, raiding, etc.) due to the befriending part. Will the requests get gradually bigger? It depends on what William is looking for at that moment, as it varies.

  • Now speaking of Hina, she often works as a bodyguard (subject to be changed later). Although she would take any jobs within her actual limits, to get the money.

  • So yeah, Hina was involved in William’s deal several times. As Hina’s goal was pretty simple (anything for cash), William took a liking to her.

  • While Hina still had the 100% cash goal, she got employed in a guild/faction/etc. and finally has something (relating to herself) to be held in honor.

  • Although that leads to some Hina with the self-doubt™ moments.

  • As an asshole William is, he’s aware of that. And tries to weave her away from the self-doubt and the honor part.

  • How does it turn out? It partially worked, although since they basically work in different places at this point, they haven’t contacted each other that much. Although some bittersweet(???) memories are still left with both of them.

  • If you’re wondering how would they react if they see each other again. William would still retain his happy-going and casual attitude towards Hina, although he’s wary of her possible changes. But for Hina, she would still be friendly, but noticeably awkward.

(Major changes to the character's relationships/stories) Hero and Villain storyline

For now, I’ll only include the characters from Vistarian, Castlian, and Alalean squad.

Most of the characters here won’t really reunite with their original culture squads if they got different storylines.

Hero Storyline Characters: John Salore, Virgil Barion, Joseph Silver, Damien Marshall, Jacob Gold

Villain Storyline Characters: Carson Calding, Benedict Auburn, William Drake, Jess Percy, Tyler Arbor

Now the real question.

@LittleShrekSheep Arcane Adventures Webtoon.


@BNTarwarn Average Day in Magius Comics

for me, both

eh I don’t think comparing those is a good idea, since both are focused on different games and stories, also different levels of commitment (since ADIM is a series that I make content for in a very casual + inconsistent rate)


new update to the topic itself :sunglasses:


when will we see the storyline in your comics?

after I’ve finished the storyline quests lol (I’m in school rn so rip)

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new comic moment

[Average Day in Magius?] Separating paths

is akira gender fluid?

eh nah

he’s just a dude who likes dressing in female outfits

Totally a canon spoiler!!!: Carson vs John battle in the finale of the series' storyline