Fighting Style/Lost Technique Ideas

I like thinking, so I thought again

It is my very thoughts that lead me down a corridor, like following a path of roots in my mind. These roots lead me to certain fighting styles or lost techniques that I thought I’d share with you guys. By no means am I asking for these to be introduced to the game, thinking about this stuff is just fun for me and something I enjoy doing from time to time. Brainstorming is a blast, especially when it’s about something I enjoy. Without further adieu, guess I can get started.

Some base fighting style ideas I had

Dirty Tactics - A fighting style derived by using sly tricks to gain an advantage over others, this isn’t a fighting style for the honorable. Cover your fists in poison, throw dirt in their faces, kick them where it really hurts. Do whatever to win.
Arrow Fist - A fighting style focused on throwing arrows at people instead of using a bow, similar to Cannon Fist.

Lost Fighting Styles

Assassin Fist - The user has turned their hands into deadly weapons. With this fighting style the user can deal fatal damage directly to vital organs to quickly kill their opponent. Extreme precision is a must to make full use of this fighting style.
Shark Fist - A fighting style focused on fighting in a purely aquatic environment, attacking with ferocity and swiftness. It even has biting aspects. Much like Karate with it’s belt system, this style will share a shame system but with sharks.
Vortex Fist - A fighting style focused on draining the environment of either air or water, sucking and pulling targets into the user’s range for a beatdown. On it’s own it’s not that strong but almost inescapable, making it a fantastic tool.
Chopping Fist - A fighting style focused on chops, it teaches the user that nearly any part of their body can be as sharp as a sword if applied correctly.
Bullet Fist - A fighting style focused on precise shots with small objects picked off the ground, flung or thrown at high speeds; turning them more or less into bullets. These objects can be so small that they’re hard, if not nigh-impossible to see due to the high speeds they travel at.
Hunter Fist - A fighting style derived from various animals, all combined into one versatile and deadly form of combat.
Rabbit Fist - A fighting style focused on using the legs, both for enhanced mobility and offense, primarily involving leaps and bounds.
Viper Fist - A fighting style focused almost entirely on poisoning one’s opponent while trying to evade their attacks. Infuse poison into your nails to inject poison in your foes upon damaging them. Quick jabs are prevalent in this fighting style
Lycanthropy - An ancient ritual found on this lost scroll curses you with lycanthropy. During the day much is normal, it is only at night do you notice the strange effects. Your muscles grow, you develop sharp claws and fangs. You find that you can take more damage and recover faster than normal people, both with wounds and stamina. However this power only inflicts you at night, for when the sun is up, the curse lays dormant in your body; waiting for the next night.
Meteor Fist - A fighting style entirely focused on delivering devastating blows from above, raining hell down on any and all who stand in your way.
Sensory Fist - A fighting s style focused entirely on deception and stealth, the user uses unorthodox movements and techniques to trick the senses of whoever is tracking them. Afterimages, false sounds, even using weird and even silly facial expressions to hide their identity.
Grip Fist - A fighting style with one goal in mind; grab. This style teaches those who learn it to crush nearly any material with their hands, easily allowing them to rip off chunks of flesh quickly from whoever is unfortunate to confront them.
Screaming Fist - A fighting style focused on one’s voice, using yells loud enough to disorient and confuse opponents. Some techniques can even get so loud that the user can physically harm people.
Counter Fist - A fighting style focused on countering instead of attacking. Use opportunities presented to you by an opponent after blocking, or perfect blocking, to preform deadly attacks. (credits to @Owen_Westphal)
Tornado Fist - A fighting style focused on manipulating the air around you by various movements, essentially turning the user into a tornado of pain. This air can be used in various ways, like applying it to increase mobility (credits to @LichdaDerp)

Lost Techniques

Berserker - You’ve trained to restrain yourself at all times except for when it’s necessary. The less health you have, the more damage you’ll do. (Passive, cannot be toggled, takes up a technique slot)
Repetition - By practicing extremely on one technique you’ve honed it to it’s utmost potential, it is now ingrained into your muscle memory. (Passive, cannot be toggled, takes up a technique slot)
HighER jump - Leaps into the air at high speeds, sending shock waves through the ground and damaging near by people.
All or Nothing - Unleashes an all out attack at the cost of much of all their stamina and much of their health. If this technique is used too much in a short amount of time the user may face death.
Breathing Technique - Better control over breathing, allowing for better stamina recovery. (Passive, cannot be toggled, takes up a technique slot)
Barrage - Preforms a grab before proceeding to barrage of a couple dozen low level attacks, depending on their fighting style.
High Speed Dash - Dash yourself in a direction at high speeds, allowing for bursts of immense speed.
Stance - Preforms a certain stance/action to demoralize your opponents, making them weaker and even fearful of you.
Roar - Preforms a roar, motivating yourself to push just a little bit further, increasing your strength.
Double Jump - Allows you to preform a second high high jump while in mid air by jumping off of the air itself.
Headbutt - Launch yourself forward, dealing pretty hefty damage at the cost of some of your well being. Ouch. (Credits to @LichdaDerp)

Ancient Fighting Styles

God Slap - A powerful form of fighting and is likely the deadliest in sheer offense, with the user being able to dish out only the most powerful of slaps.
Monster Fist - A fighting style crafted by those who wished to kill monsters, both real and fictional, deadly and potent as the creatures it was made to kill.
Death Fist - A fighting style that literally spells DEATH, for both the target and potentially the user as well. This fighting is very taxing on the body, damaging it with prolonged use, while being extremely deadly to those who it befalls. Kicking shatters your legs, flexing tears your muscles, punching breaks your knuckles, yet you keep on fighting.
Transforming Fist - A fighting style focused almost entirely on the mind and it’s control over the body. You become stronger, faster, tougher, and far more deadly than the average man by manipulating the very core of your being with your mind.
Mountain Fist - A fighting style focused around standing still, becoming one with the world. The strength of this fighting style depends on the ground the user stands on but any ground could work.
One Punch - A fighting style focused on one thing; one punch. This right punch is repeated the same exact time but in different ways. All techniques share the same cooldown as it is essentially one move used in different ways. (Credits to @Derp_berp)

Do these all make sense? No, some of them are wacky and silly for the heck of it. I might add more later but, for now, this is what I came up with. Feel free to share your opinions or even some of your very own ideas for fighting styles/lost techniques. Thank you for reading this.

Lost Techniques dilemma

Essentially, upon re-doing this, I discovered that Lost Techniques are annoying to make. They need to be universal enough to where all, or almost all, fighting styles make sense having it while also being unique and different from what they have to offer. It is why I try to avoid naming punches/kicks in them but sometimes out of sheer habit I do. Passives, buffs, debuffs, and movement options are pretty good for Lost Techniques but they don’t really make them feel rare or super interesting, more like must-haves to have a complete kit or something. Maybe I’m looking at this way too hard, who knows, hopefully Vetex has an easier time with this when he eventually gets to it.


silver bullets do extra damage

im gonna try to make a pros and cons for this but im too lazy right now

ok time to make it

This would not be the base fighting style I think but I do like the poison part and kicks.

Pressure point stun could have been used but I will pass i.

Alpha whites eyes fighting style when? Anyways this sounds like a good fighting style when paired with ice magic.


Why am I thinking of so many JoJo references but again, sounds like a good one but Im not sure about the small objects one.

Need a bear hug?! - Bear Hugger from punch out. Using a fighting style from animals I see, not sure how it would turn out but sure.

Epic barrage moment, anyways sounds like a style with lots of attack but less damage, nice one!

insert jojo reference here Yeah using your rage to lash it out on a kid from GPO sounds fun!

Hm Hm just like vampirism but with werewolves except your not a full one, sounds
cool, and the curse part as well yeah yeah!

Sounds like HumanV3 from blox fruits, not bad.

Blox fruits mastery flashbacks

Not a bad idea, always wanted to jump higher.

Health drain when stamina runs out, not big of a deal, also nice counter to spamming this.

insert another jojo reference here Breathing to regen stamina faster, never seen this one before and I like it.

Countering sounds like a add on to parrying, very nice.

Sounds really good when paired with rapid fist.

GODSPEED! Faster dashes or dodges though?

My dad has mastered this fighting style, I wonder how? Sounds like a good fighting style tbh.

Might be nice for sea monsters such as white eyes.

Double edged fist here, might be used for high health users or not.

Im not sure about this one, can you explain a bit more, sounds cool too!

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Think Kars. JoJo was on the mind while making this list if you couldn’t tell. Alex Mercer from Prototype is also a close resemblance to how I see this playing out, not exact since he can do far more but it’s in the ball park ig.

This was actually inspired by a comic book with the same name that has yet to be published but is in the works, my favorite content creator made it and my God I cannot wait for it to be done so I can read it.

Actually demon slayer and my own cardio experience came into mind, especially when I learned that proper techniques (both in my form and with my breathing) could help me run so much better.

Kinda think like Sacrifice Magic but instead of spread out along a whole magic it’s just one attack that completely drains you. It’s damage would probably be proportional to the amount of stamina you had left, with more stamina = more damage.

No clue how this reminded you of JoJo. I thought about it from a bunch of times you’d see a powerful character pick up a small object, fling it at someone, then nearly destroy them with it. Think Saitama when he fought that psychic alien dude. Not my best idea :fr:

/shrug I just think it’d be nice to see something more modern and dirty, underhanded and sly instead of “this is an ancient practice passed down by generations and taught only to the strongest”. Like, what fighting style would a street rat use? That’s the kind of question I tried to answer.

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Oh I forgot about kars being ULF and can turn his body into any animal :fr:

Comic books inspiration, very sneaky.

If you never knew, I was talking about hamon but cardio and demon slayer breathing could work.

More stamina, more damage, I dont know about this one.

I thought of it when Golden Experience Requiem shot a rock at Diovalo at hyper speed but ok.

cave man meta when?

That works too lol

Wait I thought of something else.

How do you get rid of the curses/rituals?

idk probably would be the same way vetex plans on letting players get rid of vampirism, if there even is a way.

Maybe you have to find something to cleanse you with?

Maybe. Honestly I’d think it’d be another scroll of some kind, like how there will be a scroll to reset your stats.

actually this is a good topic to discuss about, im gonna make it

I had an idea for a fighting style based off of blocking and countering. Most of its moves would have weak damage and be based off of making ground, getting closer, and putting pressure on your enemy to get them to make a move. But when they do and you pull off a perfect block you could retaliate with a* (or maybe more than one based on what you input) large high damage attack. It would probably be weak on its own but strong when mixed with other fighting styles, weapons, or magic.

Hmm maybe it would be based off of a meter that fills with blocks and instantly fills with perfects?


That sounds intresting, but also could make combat a slog as it’s basically just turtling.

I love this thread, I’m gonna look for it for stuff to snatch for the funni AO RP server good ol’ Robo made.

I can’t like anymore so


So, I see some that look like they’re based off of One piece, such as Shark Fist (Fishman Karate), Bullet Fist (Cannon Fist), Body Heat (That one guy at the end of Water 7) and Lycanthropy (Similar to Chopper’s fighting style) and I was thinking… What if there was one primarily using your legs, and using arms to move around during combat (Pretty much Black Leg)? This would probably be a base fighting style, and then have an evolution of some sort which is a Lost Fighting Style which could transform it to something like Diamble Jamble? Just read this and noticed the similarities to One Piece fighting styles. What do you think?