First One To Answer The Question Correctly Wins 100K Galleons | Part 3

I am here once again to give out 100K galleons to whoever first answers the question correctly. Gonna be a little bit tougher than last time but it’s for sure still answerable correctly, all you need is a good memory.

He acts as the leader of a group in Tiberia and gathered people to kidnap Mayor Tilly for ransom. He had to grasp the opportunity when he saw it, finally being able to be free from poverty. Who is the person I am talking about?

wasnt his name Raust

Sadly no, also has to be his full name to get it correctly since the game showed his full name

its probably in the wiki, someone else can go check

Faustus Bronze

Grats! You can join me to get your reward: Presifir

Also do tell your username so that I can send it once you’re ingame

Same as here; as for the answer I was gonna say Faust Bronze and had to double-check just to be sure, damn memory.

Hold on rejoining, crashed

Everything froze after I tried sending the galleons :sob:

Got the Galleons, no worries!

Oh sweet, reward has been received then

just how many galleons do you have in your bank

and why is your hunger number so fricking high?


I did an ao mukbang before, used to have over 100K+

As for galleons, they arent hard to get ngl

send me the mukbang link

And I get that galleons aren’t too hard to get, but you’ve managed to give away 200k+ galleons on questions like these in a timespan that’s relatively short.

From the amount of food and the total amount wasted, it’s all there.

As for galleons, pretty much just did it out of boredom

Oh yeah if you’re curious about my galleons earned, here it is

Full stats to show it’s legitimately mine

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1600 hundred hours, holy shit

That’s really, really impressive.

The only thing that seems weird is the boss kills. Seems a bit too low for someone with your amount of hours

Oh, pretty much I already finished my build a long time ago

Farming bosses for galleons takes a long time too with their loots even rarely being in demand so after I got my max agility set, I just went with wasting my time opening chests and selling my stuff to npc shops

Arcspheres are sold separately on the vetcord marketplace tho just for a cheap price of 1.5K galleons, lotsa people buy them off me too so that adds up as to why I get galleons faster

faustus sounds latin

Well Ravenna is based on Rome so