Forsmakens's Small Amulets,wizard armor shop

Forsmakens's Small Amulets,wizard armor shop
convenience 3.0 2 fairness 3.0 1 trustworthiness 3.333333333333333 3
ungood enchant amulets

Defense Amulets = 1 bursting 1 forceful 1 strong 1 nimble
Power Amulets = 1 forceful 1 strong 1 bursting 1 swift 1 nimble 1 clean
Agility Amulet = 1 nimble
MagicSise Amulet s = 1 hard 2 keen
Knockbak Amulets = 1 clean 1 bursting
Strength Amulet = 1 powerful
Swift Amulet = 1 powerful
Speed casting = 2 clean

perfect enchanted Amulets

Agility Amulet = 1
MagicSise Amulet = none
Knockbak Amulets = none
Strength Amulet = none
Swift Amulet = none

  • Good stuff
meta set

amulet = 2 hard power 1powerful power
wizard = 1 powerful pant 3 hard armor




1 hard vastira


Nimble sunken boot

honest little shop ig
is this permanent or are you just tryna one off trade amulets and wiz gear?


are you gonna keep updating this store with more items or do you just want people to buy your stuff and then you gonna abandon

update also should i just go off selling amulet and wizard or should i change to boss and etc

well goodluck i guess

tiny ass stock but im sure youll farm bosses or smth idfk



add more boss drops if you want to make this a long time shop

ok thanks for the info

When you get a large stock make small tabs like these stores also you dont really need to display your common items

The Last Drip Bender's Shop. (This is the best store btw)


You seem promising but there are a few things that i have to critique


We don’t need screenshots of your inventory just hide details and list what is useful
Use these for reference

Misinput's Shop

MrNormalBox's Normal Shop

Nuclear's department store


The meta gear is underwhelming IMO. there are no items i would personally use for PVP other then the magic speed amulets. Keep farming

plug shame!

@Derp @Misinput am i wrong

Why isnt mine there?

goofy ass didn’t plug me

Not in the top 3 what can i say :man_shrugging:

no you plug also im laz

I plugged you :pensive:

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U agreeing with me?