Nuclear's department store

Nuclear's department store
convenience 4.8 5 fairness 4.4 5 trustworthiness 4.6 5

5 strong sunken swords
3 clean sunken swords
2 swift sunken swords
1 hard sunken sword

1 hard sunken set
1 hard sunken chest


1 strong oaths
22 clean oaths
1 swift oath
1 hard oath
3 heavy wojs
23 clean wojs
1 sturdy woj

1 powerful exiled helmet
21 clean exiled helmets
2 forceful exiled helmets
1 strong exiled helmets
1 nimble exiled helmet
2 hard exiled chests
23 clean exiled chests
2 forceful exiled chests
2 keen exiled chests
1 nimble exiled chest
1 strong exiled chest
1 swift exiled chest
24 clean exiled leggings
1 forceful exiled leggings
1 strong exiled leggings


1 strong axe
23 clean axes
1 hard axe
1 swift axe

1 hard mino helmet
1 nimble mino helmet
23 clean mino helmets
27 clean mino chests
2 keen mino chests
1 swift mino chest
27clean mino boots


17 headlesses
(Will add more valuable seasonals to this catagory when there’s more)

I am not accepting any form of crowns or fish/fish bait at the moment.
Commons and uncommons don’t interest me much at the moment either.

contact me here or on discord Nuclearman7#9970 if you want to trade with me
( If I don’t respond that means I’m either sleeping or busy and will respond to you as fast as I can)

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no one beats me in terms of boss drops :hungry:

true that, tho how many sunken swords u got rn

“i am not accepting any form of crowns or fish/fish bait at the moment.”
gib all sunkens and headless’s for my 4 rusty cans, 2 old boots and infinite smoke arrows. :nod:

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dang good offer ngl
ill add a small rotten guppy to make it somewhat more fair

i will offer this for your entire market

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damm, yall giving me good offers today.

Of course

You have sunken?

1 hard sunken set
1 clean sunken chest
1 clean sunken boots
2 strong sunken swords
5 swift sunken swords

anything you want to offer for?

What should I give for a sunken sword?

headless or a bunch of clean sunken armour pieces or 2-3 (depends on which enchant) good enchant sunkens

Forcefull ?

nty, forceful sucks on sunkens sadly

hmmm what is if i give you woj and mino set



Hi nuclear man I want to offer on your Swift Sunken Sword. I offer: Clean sunken Chest, Bursting sunken boots and clean sunken boots.

Bruh you are overpaying

he declined ;-;