Forum Patch Notes v2.1

(For reference, the forum theme and URL changes were v2.0 as to be consistent with the game’s version.)

Rule Changes

  • Clarified Rule 10.0.
  • Edited Rule 3. No real change to be concerned about though.
  • Edited Rule 18’s possible punishments.
  • Adjusted the punishments for marketplace category rule violations.
  • Clarified punishment points in the forum rules OP.

Other Changes

Bug Fixes

  • [Fixed] Most of the links in the forum rules no longer work. Any World of Magic topic links on different topics/platforms may need to edited to work, however.
  • [Self-fixable] Images uploaded before the URL change do not show. This can be self-fixed however by simply editing the message, which will make it re-embed automatically.
  • [Fixed] Inconsistencies in some About category posts.


  • Learned how to mention everyone at once on the forum.
  • @macobre will now giveaway free name changes and check your TL3 requirements here.

Remember, if you have any bug reports or feedback on the site, feel free to create a topic in #site-feedback. We check it regularly.


To clarify a few things:

This seems pretty broad, and the underlined part applied as written would silence most discussion about how the site is moderated.
Would a thread like Rules on Discussion of Autofishing be allowed under the new rules? What is this rule trying to achieve exactly?

Does this apply to satirical clickbait, like this post?
EXACT Logarithmic Scaling of Percentile Stats Calculated (REAL (LEGIT!))
More broadly, what kind of stuff does it apply to? “Clickbait” is pretty vague.


Oh man, a patch notes? no nerf or buff? sad

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It would be allowed because it is genuine and asking about the conversation in which the topic is adding onto in an appropriate manner. I will try to be more specific in what that rule is trying to enforce; it really depends on why the topic was closed.

This rule is trying to get at posts that are blatantly clickbait to lead users to content that they were not looking for if they weren’t satirical or meant to be jokes (ex. rickroll). A rule-breaking clickbait topic would be one like “Vetex has finished boats” and then the body asks what is the best magic because the title and the body are not remotely related. I’ll make this clear.

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