Get rid of invisible guilds

I think we can all agree there is no need for them and they are just honestly annoying. If any of you mods see this please address this to vetex .


lol skill issue

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Sped mad cos bad


@liu twoleggedabomination just abused regular edit perms

Myes, I agree. Mvery Mcool

Yeah sure



@liu yo could you get rid of @twoleggedabomination regular perms. Dude keeps messing with the title

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Lmao Imagine being mad at invis guilds when I made a tutorial about it for a few months ago :joy:

What even is vet supposed to do about it lol

bruh why you edit his post :no_mouth:

Can’t you just look into the tab for invisible guilds? Sounds like skill issue

Even still, the only point of an invisi guild is to stop other guilds from progressing

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I disagree, just simply kill them


Make it against the rules and force disband any guild doing it while probably punishing the leaders.

That’d end the problem real fast because nobody likes them and the second they entered a server, somebody would probably report them.

No, its a game design issue, smart guy.

i dont see it as an issue, its as simple as hovering your mouse down the side-bar once. If you can’t do that, then thats a you problem. No need to make people disband their guilds because you don’t have enough energy to move your mouse down once.


I don’t think it’s too hard to look in the tab for invis guilds.
In any way it’s just a trick that punishes people who don’t do that.
The main problem of this issue is the -5 infamy that occurs from dying to them, which is a design choice vetex decided to put in, punishing invis guilds is stupid, and the only thing that could be avoid that would be to stigmatise it, altough it would be something findeable you can avoid by just looking at the tab


Alright but the entire point of an invisible guild is to give them an unfair advantage, forcing you to check every single player that joins a server when they join the server constantly when every other guild has a clearly visible logo.