Has the delete badge for another headless bug ever worked?

I’ve seen many of the richest traders and tons of players inventories, yet I have never seen anyone with any stacked headlesses at all. In fact I have never seen someone ever post it on this forums. So the question is, has that bug ever actually worked or was it just a random rumor people were making for no reason?

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id like to know aswell :niceman:

Not sure if this helps, but might as well link it:

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oh that makes sense

he said he wasnt doing this again implying that his method was painful.
i assume you had to redo the event every time you deleted the badge for another headless or else people would be wandering around with 50+ headlesses

not to mention someone brought it outta nowhere without proof
that doesnt seem very trust worthy to me meta never said he did it unless i misread it

Yeah, fairly sure removing the badge allowed you do redo the event on a file that hadn’t completed it yet

all of the items would already be checked off the list so it wouldnt matter if you removed the badge or not unless you do the event on another file

im like 99% sure items could have gotten unchecked but not sure

idk bro that sounds like it’d have to be scripted intentionally and i dont think vetex intended on you doing the event multiple times on the same file
aefgh :sob:

I looked into a bit more, and I found a couple posts suggesting that just obtaining a single more Halloween item will grant an additional headless after deleting the badge on another save, but I found another post contradicting that

After 10-15 minutes of looking through old posts, I’m not so sure myself, but you should likely ask one of the people who used that method for a more definitive answer

ive seen a stacked headless before but forgot to take a picture


i did this once, im not sure if this is what you’re talking about or if you will believe me

  1. i completed the halloween event as normal on my main file
  2. i had to delete the event complete badge
  3. i sold the necessary items to shops, and had another file buy them
    (my friend @Foxscrub bought other people’s sold event items as a free way to grind them, but he didn’t try to get headless this way)
  4. after having every necessary item, i had to get 1 of them legit to receive the headless

i have no proof and this was almost a year ago so take this with a grain of salt

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