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Created by Cryonical, edited by DocTheWarBird!

(Date here. EX: Monday, April 18, 2021) (US)


Sound Magic!


Composed by Toby Fox


The Hook!

Hey, this is Cryonical. Welcome back to The Odyssey Feed :wave:! The very first thing you’ll want to see is that there’s an Official Arcane Odyssey Question and Answer happening right now, hosted by Danny. Techlevel, Vetex, and Inferno will be going through this thread and answering all the questions you have in a youtube video soon :pray:!

And if you’re wondering why it’s been so long, I’ve just been on vacation at my cousins’ house :nod:. Sorry about that, since the only place I said that (I think :fr:) was on the Odyssey Feed Discord Server, which you can find in the “Important Links” section.

This brings us to our first Arcane Odyssey patch note for today… v1.9.120!

As we can see, Crystal Magic has been entirely revamped! I definitely can’t wait to see what it looks like… I promise you we’ll see an image of a magic revamp today, though :v:!

And the other thing is the start of a new ship type: The Ketch! Over the next few versions, it would continue to be worked on! It’s the currently largest ship, bigger than the caravel, and has an extra cannon on each side :chart_with_upwards_trend:. Here’s an image of it, posted as part of a group of images posted in the Vetex’s Games Discord #development-updates channel :eyes::

Look at how the sail patterns look on it :flushed::ok_hand:! I wonder how much cargo can fit on it, as well… definitely pretty intimidating.

The next version isn’t too noteworthy, so let’s skip ahead a bit:

As we can see, sea monsters without their own themes (both of them currently :fr:) no longer play the high combat theme when their health bar appears. Personally, I really liked this change, but i’m sure there was a reason for it :thinking:.

Next up, we have some Ketch optimizations. What we’re here for though is the explosion revamp :boom:! Vetex said earlier that explosion magic would look incredible after the revamp, so I bet he’s done it justice :muscle:. Over the next version, Ash was revamped as well. Onto the next version :point_down:!

First, pumpkins of both the normal and sky variant have received a significant nerf, restoring a fourth less of your hunger bar :hungry:. Definitely something necessary… they were quite OP!

Next, we’ve got some changes to island claiming… Players that are too low level to pvp can no longer claim islands or contest other clan’s islands. Imagine having a group of low levels that are unkillable going around and getting infamy with no opposition :sleeper:! Would be a nightmare, but Vetex comes in clutch :pray:.

We’re actually going to take a look at some “new” information regarding the claiming system. First of all, the Claiming page on the trello has been updated, and summarizes it really well :ok_hand:!

Second, we actually have a new image showing off what an island being claimed is. Cold world!

Now, we have yet another new exciting revamp, being the revamp to the reputation system! It’s being redone into Renown, which works differently along with being tied into bounty hunting and the Grand Navy. Super exciting, and we’ll see some more about it later.

Last of all, Flare magic, the first Lost Magic added quite a long time ago :hourglass: has been finally revamped! This actually marks the end of the Magic Revamp series… definitely took quite a while, but less than I thought. Vetex has done an amazing job on the revamps, and along with his other great work let’s give him a quick round of applause :clap:!

He’s actually shared a picture of the newly revamped Magma Magic, along with Lightning Magic as well. Take a look :eye:!

These both look absolutely incredible, especially Magma Magic. That blast is just insane :flushed:! He’s totally outdone himself, for real. And with this image from twitter, he’ll be revamping the appearances of weapon skills next :poggers2:!

Now, let’s continue :nod:!

Here, we can see some of the new details of the Renown system. Instead of “Good” and “Bad”, you now have “Fame” and “Bounty.” Fame is essentially a bounty for good players, which is an intriguing way to word it and opens up a ton of opportunities :pray:.

As you can see, many of the titles have also been removed from the Renown system… since they will be obtainable in a possibly less restrictive way in the future :eyes:. There’s also new “Neutral” quests, which raise your bounty if you have bounty and fame if you have fame.

Matching these changes, Unfriendly is now called “Lawbreaker” and Hostile is “Criminal”. Some super interesting stuff :mariomug:! There’s also no cap to how much you can gain from a single source (For example, stealing a private storage at super low reputation wouldn’t really affect anything). Apparently, this is not necessary in how the new system will work :thinking:.

Speaking of private storage, opening one will reduce your fame by 100. And if you’re already a criminal, it’ll increase your bounty by 30. And speaking of bounty, all your actions both good and bad will be tracked for bounty boards, which will also be discussed quite soon :frhigh:!

Some other changes are that player killing no longer affects renown (temporarily), and that changes in renown over 200 in both ways will be announced in chat :nod:.

Steering away from renown from just a moment, we have something monumental… a new magic variant has been added, this being a fifth variation (I think) to metal magic… the Copper variant! It’s been years since a magic variant has been added, so it’s quite a neat thing :poggers2:.

Lastly for this version, we have some smaller visual revamps :ok_hand:, these being of the torch item along with sea wind trails and ocean splashes. Moving on!

This version is just a few changes. First, player kills once again change your renown in some notable ways :point_down::

  • If you are neutral or have fame, killing a player with a bounty gives 50 fame.
  • Killing a player with fame deducts fifty fame.
  • If you have a bounty, killing another player with a bounty deducts 50 fame.

We also have some new statistics for the Renown system, these being Highest Bounty Obtained and Highest Fame Obtained :v:. On top of this, your bounty/fame will now display on your files on the title screen.

Quite unrelated, but here’s a leak for you:

This is a merchant ship called the Honey Vendor, containing a dyer! Quite neat looking :nod:. You can also see the merchant ship icon along with a beautiful background.

The start to bounty boards! We’ll see a bit more on those in just a moment or two :+1:. Additionally, we have some new particle reworks, being the splash particles in front of moving ships, campfires, clashing, etc :eye:. Onto the very last patch note for today!

Bounty boards now have a UI! They both have a tab for bounties in this server, and also for the highest bounties across every server :moneybag:!

In the UI, players are listed with their character in a frame, along with their last name in large text, their bounty, and their username :scroll:. Not only this, but your character’s pose in the frame depends on your animation pack. Bounty hunting is definitely gonna be really neat, can’t wait :mariomug:!

That’s all for this anchor of The Odyssey Feed. Cya next time :wave:!


On Topic!

The_elment’s Anniversary Tourney

Posted by @anon32468667

Ever wanted a friendly place to test your skills, maybe with some stakes involved? The_element :mariomug: is hosting just that with his fabulous tourney co-hosted by MrNormalBox! The winner gets quite a lot, with some sunkens even in the prize pool :money_mouth_face:. Definitely something worth checking out!


Arcane Art!

Oc Design: Sand Wizard (Syra Silver)

Created by @ItsGoods

ItsGoods returns with yet another fire art piece :fire:, depicting a wizard wielding the power of shifting sands! The beautiful colors and texture of the sand :eye:, along with the wonderful character design of Syra Silver into something that’s super unique and wonderful to look at. Great job with this :pray:!


Writing Wizardry!

Hiring All Villains! - Chapter 1

Written by @StarForDays

This week we’ve had a ton of variety in the writing section, which i’m quite grateful of… since it means I can feature someone besides BNT :frhigh:! In a superpowered world with heroes on the rise, we have the call of evil emitted by a rather vulgar man named Mr. Almondo. His proposition leaves the room in disarray… it’s quite a good read :nod:!


The Chart!

Last anchor’s riddle solver was @sock! Congratulations for being the first to crack it!

The answer was… ”request for names”!

You open the chart, and it reads…

Sandfall Captor

First to comment or message me with the answer will get a shoutout next anchor!


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