How REALISTICALLY powerful the magics are Part 1

O.k. so I’m not very smart just to start, There ARE going to be some false facts in here.
Basically, I’m bored so I’m gonna talk about how powerful magic would be IRL.
(this is part 1 in a two-part series because I’m too lazy to write all of them in one day) PART TWO IS OUT IT CAN BE FOUND HERE
Starting with:


Now acid is kind of rough to tell how powerful it is, let’s say that the acid in the game is corrosive, Which type is it, is it even one we have In real life? Well let’s say that it has corrosivity of sulfuric acid and acid magic shoots out in sizes that usually average about from the size of a human head to a human torso we can conclude that it is 1 - 3 feet at maximum. Anyways sulfuric acid melts the tissue of humans, therefore, causing it to melt the human flesh it steps on, Also taking in too much of it or too much exposure is fatal, even taking in a few grams could kill you, a ball that is 1–3 feet of acid will 100% kill you on hit.
Purple acid: well not much different, there aren’t any real green acids so we can assume that the green is just coming from food coloring, the same thing can be said about purple.


Ash is also rather powerful, usually emitting from burnt things such as paper or rocks it is very dangerous to inhale in high quantities. That isn’t even the end of it, Ash is also very hot as it is the remnant of burnt things, so being around it will most likely burn your skin and expose you to more of the toxic air. On top of that let us say that the ash also has pyroclastic properties it will be able to turn your opponents into ash essentially. Ash is pretty strong
Variations: None
Danger: High


Now crystal in real life in REALLY OP, while yes it kind of is strong is fighting terms, Crystal can make you money, tons of it. In fighting term however crystal is O.K. Still deadly, Shooting crystal can easily kill your enemies if you shoot them like a bullet from a gun, but other than that it kind of doesn’t have much of purpose damage-wise, it can also be deflected and also isn’t that powerful if your fighting against someone in armor, Overall it’s still very strong in normal human terms, you could use it as like a gun or even make a massive piece of crystal to crush your enemies, but tbh your better off selling them
Variations: Yeah, no - In a nutshell, the denser the type of crystal there is the more it will really be able to go through the bodies you will shoot, also you are better off selling the rarer ones as well
Danger: Deadly


Earth is really dependant on what variant you are using kind of, Also like crystal, it isn’t exactly TOO powerful, but the earth is also solid so you could use it to suffocate your enemy or shoot bullets of earth or whatever you can think of with it. Overall a pretty good magic
Variations: Soil - Very useless??? Some soil can be compact and can be used to suffocated people but it’s pretty useless. Maybe good for selling, you could make a killing by selling very rich as specialized soil. Stone, Bedrock & sandstone - The better option, like crystal, can be used as a bullet or used to crush suffocating people, you could also sell some rare rocks just because and maybe even make some beautiful landscapes.
Danger level: Dangerous


Explosion is one of the stronger magics on this list, explosion is basically what occurs when either atom split or chemicals/ objects react. Let’s assume that the one in-game that isn’t nuclear explosion is still powerful. You could use it to blow your opponent into small chunks, And they can’t even protect themself, This is really overpowered in killing, however, due to this the government or some shit will probably hunt you down and try to kill you, other than that easily a top tier magic IRL, also if you master it you could probably make nuclear, sized explosions so you could just WIPE OUT people
Variations: None
Danger: Mountain-scale danger


Fire is also very Overpowered, The human body or almost anything can’t handle fire well and gets basically rekt by any type of fire. The fire is absolutely broken. There isn’t really much else to say though, fire is the manipulation of fire so you can basically give anything third-degree burns or just incinerate them in general, Very solid magic for the offense
Variations: None
Danger: Very High


You can use glass for tons of things, making stuff, selling it, offense. For the offense glass is actually really good, as you know stepping on glass is painful enough, now what if the glass was coming at you a 40 miles per hour, you could put people in tons of pain and cause them to bleed out and die, Other than that though, glass can’t really do anything for the offense
Variations: None
Danger: Moderate High-ish


Gold is like crystal, can be weaponized by suffocating people by using it as a bullet but somehow the gold is worse, it is softer so you can’t exactly use it to kill people with bullets, you can really only crush people with it or suffocate them Don’t get me wrong, you can SELL gold for tons of money, especially its variant, rosegold but gold just really isn’t that great compared to other magics above.
Variations: rosegold, nothing but a glorified version of gold, HOWEVER, you can sell it for way more money and make billions selling tons of rosegold.
Danger level: Moderate,


Ice is actually very powerful in a sense. Of course, it’s basically useless for an attack but you could basically fossilize your enemies by encasing them in ice, if you are good enough maybe you could even turn their blood into ice and instantly kill them, other than that, it’s pretty useless.
Variations: Ok I’m gonna be real with you I have no fucking clue what the fuck artic, sage, or mystical ice is, it’s most likely just food coloring so they are the same as ice???
Danger level: Moderate High-ish


Ink is strange., its like water, useless in combat unless you can manipulate previously existing water except it’s still useless in manipulating previous existing ink, maybe you can prank some people by reorganizing their writing?? Ink is actually still pretty useful in combat though, if you can get the opponent to ingest some, you can poison them and maybe kill them, you could also embarrass your opponent by just COVERING THEM in ink
Variations: They are just recolors.
Danger level: Moderate.


Iron is pretty cool, you can maybe forge some weapons with it, shoot bullets, crush people with your iron fist (pun intended). Spoiler for JJBA Part 5 If you’ve watched Jojo part 5 you’ve seen Metallica, you can manipulate the iron in people’s blood to turn into razors and make it hard for people to breathe, almost instantly killing them, so in a sense, iron is pretty Over powered, however, if you can’t manipulate iron other than yours, iron is still pretty solid (literally).
Variations: Dark - Once again a recolor, but dark iron is a real thing and it IS HEAVY, it could be used to easily crush people.
Danger level: High


Ok I’m not gonna lie I have no clue how tf you can use light in combat other than to permanently blind some people, light is basically how you can see so you can’t really use it in combat???
Variations: moonlight - the same as light but a recolor???
Danger: Usless


Lightning is actually very strong, very very strong, maybe even better than an explosion, lightning if we are being honest is really OP. Now normal lightning is already powerful enough but let’s say lightning also allows you to control electricity. You could technically control electrons, allowing you to control most atoms and make whatever you wish for, As well as that the human brain has small shocks constantly going around their brain that fire off signals, allowing you to control the emotions of others? (this isn’t 100% accurate, don’t take my word for it).
Variations: They are all, like everything above, just recolors
Danger: Mountain-level threat++


Credits: me, also credit to that guy who made that post with info about all magics because i took inspiration from that

Thx 4 reading
ps I am reading comments for any info that I might have missed out on, also we will presume that all magic that is created is permanant


Finnaly, lighting is strong again

Forgot to put the danger level in bold text for Ice and Ink, but other than that this is really cool. Can’t wait for part II :nod:

This isn’t an anime. This cannot happen in the lore, as you are only capable of manipulating the magic that you create.

Also, gold is incredibly soft. Pure gold weighs in at 2.5 hardness on the Mohs scale, which is equal to that of your fingernails. It should probably be dropped to Low.

as with all valuables: extreme inflation along with its only temporary existence

Iron is stronger than it is in this post

:acid_magic_var1: :magma_magic: :ink_magic_var3: :water_magic_var1: - delicious beverages

:poison_magic_var2: :plasma_magic_var1: :sand_magic_var2: :ash_magic: :wind_magic_var1: - appetizers

:shadow_magic: :paper_magic_var1: :gold_magic_var1: :glass_magic: :light_magic_var2:- side dishes and seasonings

:earth_magic_var4: :explosion_magic: :fire_magic::lightning_magic_var2: :iron_magic_var1: :wood_magic_var1: - the main course

:crystal_magic_var4: :ice_magic_var1: :snow_magic: -dessert

Balanced meal.


for the last time even if magic exist you wouldnt be able to sell them

unless im dumb and misundetstood what you are saying then im sorry
edit: nvm forget to read the last lmao

smh what about water
bruh if you pressurize water enough it will go straight through you
you can drown
no water = death
water is most op because it is the source of all life
take it away and there is no life
thanks for coming to my ted-talk


finally someone who know how op water can be if used properly

Wait isn’t pure gold worth more than rosegold?

“Rose gold” isn’t a type of gold. It’s gold combined with copper. I’m not really sure what it does to the price, but because it reduces the karat of the gold, I believe rose gold would be more cheap. So yeah, you’re right, pure gold should be worth more.

i think that there is also naturally tinted gold that is pretty rare, Ususally you see the copper one more often though, but natural rosegold does exist and costs more

Yeah but natural rosegold isn’t really pure gold, more like an alloy.

It isn’t tinted naturally. In the chart below, moving down to the right increases the concentration of copper, and moving to the bottom left increases the concentration of silver. It’s a manufactured process.


i believe some golds can be tinted naturally, though don’t cite me on that im using an old book about rare metals as inference tools lol

Maybe a slight tint could be present, but a brief google search reveals that rose or white gold do not occur naturally.

huh, well if i am wrong, i am wrong and lets leave it at that

couldnt light theoretically be ultraviolet and beyond meaning that you could theoretically shoot gamma beams at your opponents or so focused it becomes a high power laser that can burn pretty much anything