I require assistance

I’m trying to post a trading topic in the marketplace. But it just does not work at all. It won’t even show the ‘‘Create a new Topic’’ tab when pressing the New Topic button.
The shops section of the marketplace works just fine. But I’m looking to do a one time trade, not a whole shop.

for some reason a rule was added that goes something along the lines off this: “people new to the forums shouldnt be able to post in the marketplace because they should introduce themselves to the forums first”

I find it a stupid rule but the admins didnt so they added it. Basically youll need to get to trust level 1 (i think) to be able to post in the marketplace

i was wondering why so many people have been posting one-off trades in #marketplace:shops

If you post your trade topic somewhere you have permissions for, I can move it to #marketplace for you. You could also spend some time reading posts to get TL1 (exact requirements here).
But like nuclear said, the restriction is intentional because there was a bunch of bad trade offers being made by new users.

I don’t really have any strong opinions on if the rule is a good idea, but if we’re keeping it we should probably extend the restriction to include #marketplace:shops.

That’s a problem I caused, because I found most of the trades made by new users really bad. To avoid this, I suggested that, and didn’t expect it to get accepted at all. Somehow it was accepted. It shouldn’t be too much of a problem, to reach TL1, spend some time in the forums reading and you should get it easily.

Wouldn’t be as bad if the trust levels and their requirements were easier to find…

So how about having the required trust level and the requirements shown on every post describing a category (the post always pinned at the top) if that category requires a specific one (would only apply to suggestions once they reopen and the marketplace as I know)

Currently, I believe there’s some guides about trust level, but I honestly doubt anyone lost on the forum would bother looking through the pile of topics in the guide category and somehow find the one talking about trust levels when these people don’t even know what trust levels are

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I’m going to bring this back because I feel like I want to add more details.

That wasn’t the idea. It never was. Idea was to prevent users from making their first post in said category, because, from personal experience, it caused a flood of bad trades (example: sunken gear for crowns).

I think that was a forgotten detail on my post. I should have mentioned it. To make things more appropriate and following my post, #marketplace:shops should be TL1+ too.

Either I or someone else will do something about that, if it’s staying, shops should be locked too.

I would however like to remind that TL1 is easy to achieve. You have to spend some time reading, no need to post.

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most of them just get ignored or get told that it isnt worth it. Limiting them to not be able to post in #marketplace will only make them try to find ways to bypass that like how new people are posting in the shops category or trading discussion.

And this is more of a trader thing but sometimes there were some really good rip off trades