In-game island sizes vs canon sizes

Nuclear bomb is maybe a few cities
Bro tanked a Multi Continental explosion

A single city in real life is bigger than 2 seas in AA. Maybe it’s not ‘‘multi continental’’

i don’t think in game size reflects the canon scaling

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yeah me too

It’s the only source we have so ¯_(ツ)_/¯

ok but it’s a bad source

Game size isn’t accurate to lore lmfao

How can you even know that ? We never got any confirmation as far as I know.

powerscalers after calculating a 10 step equation to solve if superman can beat the snail when the creators of superman write superman dying to a snail:

Because there isn’t 2000 houses in Palo town in game despite that being the population

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That makes literally no sense to what we’re talking about dude

Yes it does

because it’d be stupid if the in game size was real

it does, it’s a direct example of the in game size belying the canon size

people can live together. there are about 1200 homes.

There’s like 20 in game
You telling me that 100 people live in each house

Your logic is kind of ass tbh but hey, maybe it makes sense

Explain what about my logic doesn’t make sense

It just doesn’t bro, just because there’s 1000 citizens and like 25 houses doesn’t mean 1000 people live in Palo :scream:

do you know what a citizen is?