Randomness's Arcane Recap (May 2023)

:ice_magic_var2: Randomness’s Arcane Recap (May 2023) :ice_magic_var2:

Well well well, I’m back at it again with my incorrect grammar. Welcome to May’s edition of Randomness’s Arcane Recap™(© 2027) , the one and only archive of all patch notes (Very true) in the hit Roblox® game neon Knights. Arcane Odyssey, developed by Vetex underscore Games.

This month has been packed with updates, from interesting, to terrifying to straight up whales.
Let’s get into it, May we begin?

May Updates

Potions galore
Bruhfish be looking a bit different this month.

Patch Notes

1.12.5 Poison potion

1.12.6 Sharkrepel potion
1.12.7 Revealing potion
1.12.8 It is canonical that Julian throws three of these potions at Revon per month.

1.12.9 Warding, Insanity and Mysteries

1.12.10 Oyster puns (And Patreon’s nightmares)

1.12.11 Where’s the gamma potion?

1.12.12 Resistance focus v2 and Flare in a bottle.

1.12.13 Gives me Cursebeard vibes

1.12.14 Divanochi in a bottle.

1.12.15 Cyronical and Maplestorm in a bottle.

1.12.16 Metamancer in a bottle.

1.12.17 Pocket sand. (In a bottle)

1.12.18 RandomAshLagger and Sock in a bottle.

1.12.19 Energy cannot be created or destroyed, only transferred from one store to another in a bottle

1.12.20 Average fisherman in a bottle

1.12.21 WarmWater in a bottle

1.12.22 Do not put whales in bottles.

1.12.23 Do NOT put whales in bottles

1.12.24 You may, in fact, put whales in jars instead.

1.12.25 First to 2mil skill gets a free rusty can from yours truly.



Leaks, Gameplay and Music.

Empty. The void awaits, singing - beckoning. Will you follow the call?

Sorry about that, those were my inner demons which torture me eternally as I slowly rampage through waves of enemies, with the sole goal of taking revenge after they took my friends from me, with only my shadow magic and vampirism fighting style at my side, as I edge around the sunlight that pierces down upon my back, a representative of the generic pain that I live through, seeking the shard of Death in the deepest Darkest Seas. For I am Randomness, God of Chaos, the Apocolypse, Apollyon, Lord of the Broken and Fallenfire’s Annihilation, However, this time I will spare you and instead, let’s have some:

Tester vids

Does not include shorts/livestreams


WARRIOR IS NOT OP! | Arcane Odyssey - YouTube
THE BEST BUILD TIERLIST | Arcane Odyssey - YouTube
BREWING UPDATE SOON! | Arcane Odyssey - YouTube
THE WEAKEST WARLOCK...! | Arcane Odyssey PVP - YouTube


Savant is CRAZY FUN - Arcane Odyssey - YouTube


The Truth About Arcane Odyssey "Dying" - YouTube


Berserker & Warlord - Arcane Odyssey - YouTube
The Power of an Ice Warlock... - Arcane Odyssey - YouTube
The Golden Savant - Arcane Odyssey - YouTube


New category for new UGC items that month.
Look at it.




Patreon Only

This Month, On Patreon

Oh god what the hell is that nightmarish thing

Details from the man himself


Final notes

Thanks for reading! Or at the very least skimmed through the patch notes on the lookout for my amazing puns! I got a bit of self-advertising to do, and then if you check the very end, there might be something else instead of my usual secret message to @Divanochi and friends.


Check out the potion wiki, which anyone can edit! Special thanks to @WarmWater @Dudeman @Crimsonpants and @Kazuo for their contributions.


Which of these specific selection of potions are you most excited for? (Bonus points for guessing the in game name of these potions)
  • Bottle of Cryonical
  • Bottle of Sock
  • Bottle of Sandal
  • Bottle of WarmWater
  • Bottle of Cursebeard
  • Bottle of Simps
  • Bottle of Night Sailing
  • Bottle of RandomAshLagger
  • Bottle of Divanochi
  • Bottle of Randomness
  • Bottle of Maplestorm
  • Bottle of Ed
  • Bottle of Flare
  • Bottle of Metamancer
  • Bottle of Savarian Ground
  • Bottle of Physics Equations
  • Bottle of ColdWater
  • Bottle of Fishing
  • Bottle of becoming a Metamancer
  • Bottle of Resistance Aura

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The Trello


Selectorch’s, Inferno’s, Firannos’s and Kurumai’s Channels

Selectorch - YouTube

Infernoferno - YouTube

Kurumai - YouTube

Firranos - YouTube

The vetcord


Vetex’s Patreon


And of course…

Worldbuilding Central

Not a secret this time

Usually I put a secret message here but this time I have something different to say:
There was once a Prophet so Grand and well-known.
The meme poem was rewritten, this time by myself.

You shall be welcomed in His honour.

Arise the Cosmos Cries, Goodbye @ThatOneGuy .
The Prophet of the Apocalypse!
Endless days, running wild, but now the time has come.
The Welcoming is Over, many newcomers in his stead.

He speaks of The Apocalypse but only brings us hope,
His uttered prophecies will show us the rope.
His stay is short, as now it has ended.
Reflecting our thoughts of our Prophet’s memories.

The newcomers, they followed his lead,
As his words and deeds answer every need.
Greeted we were, ready to ping,
And honour his final say.


Clearly I am just superior in bottle form

wait what potion are you?

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Mystery potion, hence the “Randomness” of it

i probably should’ve guessed that

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gambling in ao :money_mouth_face: :money_mouth_face: :money_mouth_face:

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what’s the bottle of physics equations tho, slowness?

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Slowness is the bottle of Coldwater of course

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bottle of me

wait why am i in the bottle NO


super secret message


You can’t bottle an iceberg lettuce, I’m glad you realized that truth.

Screw like cooldowns I just want to do the funny heart but yes, indeed you are in a bottle, and yes Ed in a bottle is corrosive.

A perfectly good reason why i should vote for that potion

Can’t wait to pour myself a tall glass of this :yum:

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