Reset level prompt

Reset level prompt
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This suggestion might seem a little low effort but hear me out…

When ao releases and you go to click on the “continue” button of a max level or any level file that was made before ao releases, have a prompt that says “It is recommended that you start anew, are you sure you want to continue?” And then two buttons underneath the text saying “Reset Level” and “Continue File”. This would happen to every one of your files until you have clicked one if the two options

Reason to add: while it would be good to start fresh in a new game, lots of people would disagree. Some People have spent ages grinding lots of files and as I have said in the past, this game tends to not reward time and effort, the people who want their files to be reset can have them reset, and there will be an option to do so. However the people who don’t want their files and progress and time to be wasted, get to keep their levels.

Thank you for listening

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Why not just create a new profile?

uh oh level reset debate 2


because if ive got 3 max level profiles i dont wanna delete one of them just to experience the story

3 actually


Click the “reset level” button then (if the suggestion gets approved)

If you don’t want to lose a max level profile then why would you accept a prompt that resets your level?

Because u would keep the items and file stats. Just resetting ur level, and it’s optional which means that if u don’t agree u don’t gotta do it

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because then i wont lose the stuff thats on that profile/i wont lose its stats and hours

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You can just trade the items. Stats are meaningless.

yeah woo time to make hundreds of trades

to me and presumably a lot of others they absolutely arent


Player kills, guild ur in and all the hours spent used to flex would be gone, u would have to rejoin the guild (hassle) and nothing to flex

Oh yeah, I forgot let’s also trade all of my items to an alt. All of my items from all my 15 max level files. And then trade em all back. So fun.

making the level reset mandatory instead of optional would be much much better

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Mandatory level reset
• everyone gets to experience the storyline fully
• fresh start

• most people would complain
• “my 80 files took to long to level up”

Optional level reset
• you can choose which files to reset
• speed run the storyline in 15 minutes

• most people would complain about the storyline not being good enough

You can continue the list, these are just a few.

The main argument against this is how easily players would storm through the beginning of the storyline, you’d have no incentive to explore Redwake and complete side quests. It ain’t how the storyline is supposed to be experienced.

Saying “just give players the choice to reset their level or not” doesn’t change this, your average wom player who doesn’t know about TGR or the storyline would obviously pick no to having their level reset, they’d be playing through the first part of the game the way it isn’t intended to be played.


what about make it optional but give people an actual reason to do it other than
“you get to properly experience the start of the story now yay”

But that’s a really good reason. The storyline is a main part of the game that you should experience