Someone Among Us (Among Us X WoM) [Prologue]

“Red’s sus,” a certain green creature said, its appearance vaguely humanoid, in what appeared to be a spacesuit.

“Agreed, I saw him jump into the vents at electrical, and I saw blue’s body” The same creature replied, but purple instead"

“Self-Report” the “Red” they referred to retorted. “I Was at Cams, there was nobody there”

This caused a commotion between them, “Yellow” speaking up. “There is no cameras at Electrical”

Outraged ensued, and Red was set to be ejected from the ship

“Wait what if-” Started purple, but he never got to finish his sentence as “Red” was ejected

. 。 • ゚ 。 .

. . 。 。 .

. 。 ඞ 。 . • •

゚ Red was not An Impostor. 。 .

’ 1 Impostor remains 。
゚ . . , . .

As Red sailed through the vacuum of space, he swore to slay every last creature as an act of betrayal.

On Magius

A Large mushroom cloud appeared over the ruins of a once-grand city. when the cloud cleared, only the remains of corpses of magic council scouts and a camp remains.

A Wizard known as Ignis walked free, with a fiery-ashen glow over his hands.
“Free, at last. I Shall seek revenge for these years they have kept me oppressed”
He Started into the sky. a Red Shooting star was blazing across the sky, burning with an intensity never seen by any in shooting stars. Was it perhaps a sign of his fate and revolution against the unrivaled magic council?

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Part 1: The Usurper (Among Us X WoM) [Part 1]


red sus

what the fuck
It’s beautiful. I am glad the art of shitposting has not been lost with me

I’ll upload a new chapter every 2-4 days xd

how tf did you make a story out of a fucking shitpost

This is the prologue, part 1 was just releasd