Suck at aiming? This might help a little

So i’ve noticed this during a 1v1 match, that roblox default mouse cursor is too big (imo). which makes me harder to land my shots with. so i tried to find a way to deal with this by making a suitable cursor for pvp or pve.

here it is
ArrowCursor 1
cursor 1
ArrowCursor magic2
cursor 2
cursor 3
ArrowCursor idk
cursor 4



RobloxScreenShot20200930_184924001 (2)

the cursors works just fine day/night

some of you might not know how to change your cursor ingame here’s how its done

  1. Go to your roblox file loaction > content > textures

  2. replace all the cursors with the new one (make sure they have the same name as the default one). or if you are lazy you could just replace the ArrowCursor only


  3. Done, hop ingame to see the results

NOTE, MUST READ : you must do this every thursday/friday cause roblox updates every thursday/friday depending on your timezone, if you encountered any problems let me know.
i hope this helps, cause it sure helps me do better in pvp and pve. :nod:
EDIT : improved some cursors


That’s some next level pvp.

Now all you need is an aimbot exploit.


Yes, everyone must see this

Eh, I’ll stick with the normal roblox cursor.

its up to you if you wanna go with the normal or this one, for me the normal one is too big which made me miss my shots

What do you have to press to modify the cursor? I’ve never done that before.

what do you mean by modifying the cursor?

What you just did. Modify the image. I never did that and I have no idea of how to do that. I know you have to get the cursor image, but how do I change from the arrow to my selected reticle?

well you just have to rename the image the same as the default cursor and replace them with it
this is the default cursors on roblox’s file location

you rename a bunch of these images as the same name as the default one

and just replace the default one with the new one that you just made

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If I can predict with th the normal cursor then that’d be enough but this one is interesting

Great little tutorial. I’ve been doing this for quite sometime because the default cursor annoys me by dongling to the side and I switched to a vertically symmetrical one.
Also another tip: keep all of these images in a folder somewhere so when Roblox updates and deletes your cursors from its folder, you can just copy and paste them back in and windows will replace the images for you.


This looks cool and I somehow never knew this existed, i’ll try making my own custom one in photoshop. This takes some time getting used to but I see how it would be better.

maybe make a black version too because some games change the color to black so you know you can click something

Do that yourself, it takes 2 seconds to change the color, I’m going red and green for interaction instead of black and white

whyyyyyyyyyyy :sob:

Light users, take notes


Oh noes…

I’ll make my own cursors but thanks for letting us know.

Honestly this is a rather benign use of the textures folder…

so many new options i can’t even pick my favorite

Actually you can probably leave the black ones since they only appear when you’re trying to hover over something that you want to click, and just replace the white floaty one.