Tester QNA

Go ahead and ask questions about AO or other related tester stuff. I can clarify on a ton of stuff such as how AOs development is like. I’ll try my best to answer the question without saying anything im supposed to (ex. no spoilers)
yeah im really fucking bored


do you know the story and the plot and do you think its interesting?
(without spoiling)

It’s definitely gonna be a step up from AAs. We don’t know the full story and only up to it’s current point for now. It’s similar in structure to AA but yeah it’s definitely different and a lot darker.


how is the cannon firing? is it different from AA?
Im bored as well so yes

It is similar to AAs old system but there’s startup when firing to a certain spot.


how’s morden


noted :troll:

is morden going to die within .1 ms of the story?


how do the changes to weapons feel. Are they any good?

ᔑリ|| ╎↸ᒷᔑ ∴⍑ᔑℸ ̣ ℸ ̣ ⍑ᒷ ⊣∷ᔑリ↸ リᔑ⍊|| ⚍リ╎⎓𝙹∷ᒲ ∴╎ꖎꖎ ꖎ𝙹𝙹ꖌ ꖎ╎ꖌᒷ?

Mainly just hitboxes are better. Other than that animations are fine, still feels like the same old combat, stuns are really inconsistent, and a bunch of other stuff.

hmm interesting

how about the crystalized effect?

what do you think of revamped climbing

A definite upgrade to WoM climbing, for sure.

does using the magics feel different as in using them?
if so is it better?

I’ve heard that you can “choose your path” by choices in this new story. Do it really happen in the current point of story?

are we getting sky islands?

In wom when magma hits water the obsidian will move so its hard to walk on the water but if you use ice the ice stays still in the water my question is will magmas obsidian stay still in ao? and will you be able to change your guild logo without disbanding and making a new one? and will the fighting styles have a shiftlock feature and be able to rival magics? because in AA the fighting styles were bad and everyone mostly used magic and sorry for asking so many questions.