The Adventure of Bob Auburn (Part Four)

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As Bob Auburn rests upon his boat, small bits of metal drip onto him. All of a sudden, a large sizzling sound is heard before the boat bumps about, seemingly thrashing against some rocks. As his transport comes to a stop, Bob Auburn opens his eyes. As he slowly sits up, he comes to recognize small bits of liquid floating out of a small pouch. He stumbles over to the pouch, picking it up and shaking it. Suddenly, a small burst of magma is unleashed, burning and knocking back Bob Auburn. The bag was… fine for some reason? Bob Auburn guessed it was fire-resistant due to it being owned by a rich guy. Either way, he stared at the pouch, noticing that the liquid had stopped flowing. Trying to not get too busy with what he had found, he put it back down and walked to the hull of his ship. As he gazed down, he found a formation of stone below his ship.

As he stands still on the hull, a cannonball whizzes by his head. In a lightning fast reaction, he quickly leaps in a random direction. He then shortly finds his faceplanted into a rock. As he gets up, several sizzling sounds could be heard across his body. He then looks up as…Mythril is floating?

Infront of her hand, a large magic circle rapidly spouts out Magma blasts. As Bob Auburn looks to the side, he sees a massive pole…seemingly with a Navy flag. Below the pole seems to be a Navy ship, in absolute chaos. Before he can fully investigate the people on board, the pole crashes down onto the boat. As the flag burns on the ship, the vessel starts to fall apart as people dive into the ocean. Horrified by the destruction of the ship, Bob Auburn grabs his afro as he kneels down. Tears start to form, dropping onto the hard rock and spilling off into the Ocean. As Mythril lands down onto the large rock, she runs over to Bob Auburn.

She is all but silent, grabbing him and carrying him over her shoulder. She then shoved Bob Auburn on the boat as she casts a spell, propelling the sailboat into the ocean. As the boat starts to float away, she forms yet another magic circle and unleashes a burst of Magma Magic. This burst of flaming rock sent Mythril flying onto the boat. As she lands on the boat, she struck her hand downwards and regained control of her movement. She quickly uses this hand to spring up before walking to the steering wheel in order to operate the boat.

After around 2 hours of Bob Auburn being comforted from the arson he saw, the duo came across an island, a massive Grand Navy flag looming above it. Bob looked at the menacing flag. After discovering this, Bob Auburn and Mythril leaped off the ship, and were on their way to the island. Mythril spoke about how there was ‘’an underground storage’’ somewhere, while they both looked around the wilderness island for a door. After a few minutes of searching, a musket shot, piercing the air, rang out in the distance. Bob Auburn looked around for the source before Mythril leaped into the air, forming a magic circle below her foot. She quickly turned and hopped from the magic circle, sending a molten beam flying towards the top of a mountain. Bob Auburn attempted to just ignore this, in vain, before continuing on looking for an entrance to the supposed storage facility. After several blasts proceeded to be flung in random locations by Mythril, Bob finally found a door.

Without bothering or pondering about any possible traps, he opened it. Mythril was extremely cautious, though Bob Auburn ran inside of the hidden-building without a second thought. Mythril began to shriek before realizing…it was safe, after all. Bob Auburn continued his walk, eventually entering a large room. He looked around, before heat began to engulf his body He looked behind him and… HOLY SHIT, IT’S FIRE! In utter Fight or Flight, he immediately bolted it. Due to his state of panic, he rammed headfirst into a random wizard. He toppled over and looked up, confused. The wizard then…disappeared? Bob Auburn looked back down, finding the wizard immediately. They had a magic circle in their palm, though it was aiming in a random direction, to Bob’s relief. Trying to not get scorched by a blast, he stomped the wizard’s hand. The magic circle dissipated as the wizard jumped up, screaming. With the mindset of them being an opponent, he immediately punched them to the floor. They stopped their exclamation nearly at once, just lying down pathetically, with their eyes shut. Bob Auburn continued on his objective, completely lost from his friend, Mythril. After narrowly avoiding several traps (and by that, I mean bending the spikes from the traps with utmost comedic timing), he enters another space, with a cloaked man. Bob Auburn glared at the cold silhouette before he whipped around, sizzling electricity releasing from his palm. A fight then ensues.

Bob Auburn quickly flung out a blast in retaliation, countering the bolt but still harming him with a crack. Predicting an opening of the man’s onslaught, Bob fires several blasts. These fly by, hitting the cloaked man and setting his cloak aflame. Quite obviously in the situation, the figure hastily parts with his cloak, it’s shape turning to ashes behind him. . With his true combat-ready clothing exposed, he stretches out his arm. As fast as the wind, he forms a magic circle at the end of his fingertips.Tiny volts jump out of the magic circle, though evaporating quickly after. Bob Auburn, again, his magic before spitting out a blast. As the sphere travels towards the man’s magic circle, he quickly summoned an explosion to counteract it. Although, it was too late. Bob shut his eyes as searing electricity mixed with blazing plasma. Both of the attacks blew up in the cloaked man’s face, sending him flying back. He groaned as he landed on the floor and rolled several times. Bob Auburn ran up to him. As the man started to shakily stand up, Bob Auburn put an end to this by shoving him back down. After around 3 times of this happening, the man eventually gave up,his arms loosening. Making sure he won’t come back later, Bob Auburn delivers a powerful kick directly to his head. The man cried out as he went unconscious. Bob Auburn then walked away, victorious.

After delving into several directions through the facility, he eventually stumbles into another wizard. This one has…a fancy hat. But not just any fancy hat, it seems to be the one Mythril was wearing just earlier.? He stares at them, grim logic setting in, before realizing…it’s actually just Mythril. He continues on, trekking around for the storage that Mythril had mentioned earlier. He eventually comes across another room, though there is a person in the middle.

Unlike last time, they are not cloaked and…WHY DO THEY HAVE A BLUNDERBUSS THAT’S ON FIRE?! Bob Auburn immediately went aggressive, targeting the blunderbuss with a plasma blast. The weapon burst into snapping tongues of flame. The weapon tumbled out of their hands, which, in a loud BOOM, became a violent explosion. The wizard shielded and was barely fazed. He glared at Bob, pulling out a sharp dagger. Much like the blunderbuss, the dagger sets on fire. But unlike last time, it is thrown at Bob Auburn. It whizzes towards him. But to his opponent’s frenzied surprise, he quite easily catches it and returns it at the presumed wizard. In desperation, the wizard scrambles about. After barely avoiding the dagger, the sharp blade barely skimming his face, he eventually trips on a few fragments of his blunderbuss, face planting onto the floor. Bob Auburn approaches the face planted wizard, grabbing them before slamming them swiftly to the hard, cold ground. Bob Auburn continues on. As per usual, he enters another room. He notices that there isn’t a door on the other side before the entrance shut right behind him.

ooh cliffhanger :sunglasses:


There are grammatical errors/typos but the only serious concern is the relative inconsistency in how he’s portrayed.

One moment he’s crying over arson the next he’s whacking people.

all i can say is
‘‘i do not like killing people but i can kick ass and i will’’

That’s how he rolls.

I didn’t want to change any of the story.

If that’s true you need to state it and make a bigger deal about it.

Secondly if it’s true he should’ve had a talk with Mythril about her destructive tendencies.

using those ideas i shall now make
‘‘extra content from part 4 that i made up after posting it’’
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I need to:

  1. Write about my OC’s
  2. Get a choose a different last name cause Silver is sounding cringe now.
  3. Make it AO/WoM based

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So I just read parts 1-4 over. Just wanted to say… Wow. Great job.

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