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Trello News

Hey there, reader. Remember sailboats. The thing we talked about all next week? Well, we’ll finally be concluding that now, with some super exciting news to share! Shall we dive in? :nod: Let’s go!

First of all, magic and material interactions don’t apply to boats anymore since the bugs caused by it. Status effects like fire will still apply, however.

Now we can see something much bigger. Vetex is working on a new island called “Elm Island”, which we can assume is home to Elm trees, or Pines, which have also been shown on the Trello multiple times. We don’t have any information about this island though. It will be replacing one of the existing islands, since Vetex stated he wasn’t happy with it. :frsleepin: There will be a side quest here, shown on the trello later.

This could be interesting. If it was a replacement, it’ll surely be better. Look for possible leaks on his Twitter and the Trello soon, as I will be too. :poggers2: Elm island has also been finished as you’ll see soon.

Smaller thing here, but you can now toggle the sails of a boat if you go in it’s drivers seat. This could be annoying, lots of people are sure to take advantage of it. :thinking: I’m sure we’ll find workarounds to this.

But enough of that, we’re going to start getting into cooler and equally as newsworthy information. Starting with a screenshot of v1.5.29…

Screenshot 2021-03-24 at 10.23.22 AM

That’s quite a lot of information and new changes. Going from the bottom up.

You might not like what you see first. It’s been talked about on the forum, but falling rope bridges are returning. :sleeper:. However, it’ll be easier to evade, as you have a very noisy 3 second warning before they fall. I’m gonna get so paranoid… It’s been made twice as rare since.

Next up might be even bigger. In short terms, you can now cast spells right at the beginning of a high jump / magic jump. This should allow for more creative PvP, and less restrictions on when you can cast spells. Gonna be cool to see this. Though it seems small, it’ll be very interesting to watch combat, as I stated clearly. :sunglasses:

What’s next? Pine trees. Will this appear somewhere? Let’s guess. Possibly an area like Frostmill, or Elm Island. They’re talked about later as well, with emphasis on their needles. Hmm. Could possibly damage you?

The rest of this version is quite simple. A few wilderness islands have been added (With the new trees)? Spell name customization changes, and Elm island. There’ll be an NPC here, too.

That’s it for that version. But it gets much, much, more exciting than this. Expecting the sailboat leak? Well guess what happened. Vetex has revealed the new sailboats! And they’re looking incredible. Much better than I expected… :ok_hand:


Can you even believe this? I mean, look at the incredible architecture and work that went into creating this model. And the variety of colors make it even nicer. “Archille’s Revenge.” Several forumers have been speculating about this. Possibly something about the upcoming lore? We’ll have to see if something is figured out. :nod:

The texture is beautiful, the sails look amazing, and I really like what I see. Even have a storage-looking compartment below. And that lighting…

Now, go to the Arcane Reborn wiki and look at the sailboat. Do you see any difference? Yep. This sailboat is far superior to its ancestor. And with the ship equips and custom colors, it can get even crazier. Also, the sailing trails look nice. Share what you think! :+1:

For just a moment, let’s move away from sailboats and some more obscure things. On the Arcane Odyssey Trello, a few forumers noticed changes in the Primordial and Lost magics. Some magics were renamed, and others removed. Listen closely if one of these was what you wanted.
Inferno Magic is now a Primordial Magic instead of Lost
Art of Order was renamed to Balance Magic
Art of Sacrifice was renamed to Sacrifice Magic
Art of Lazarus removed
Art of Infinity removed

That’s a pretty big oof. I was personally looking forward to seeing Lazarus and Infinity in action, but they might have been too hard to implement, especially Infinity with control over time. It’s understandable, definitely. Here’s the topic I drew this from by @SillyHoper :

Moving onto more mainstream things now, back to the “Recent” category on the Trello. Business, people business!

Here’s a massive change that NO-ONE expected. The entire interaction UI has been changed.

Screenshot 2021-03-26 at 10.06.26 AM

From now on, instead of clicking something like in World of Magic, or making contact with your treasure like in Arcane Odyssey, we have something entirely different, as you see above. You now must get near to something, then click or press E. This applies to things like Chests, ship lanterns, NPCs, and boat seats :frhigh:. If you look further on, Vetex has optimized things to do like, what if you want to use your “E” spell? Look for yourself.

It should be very nice, or changed at the end. What do you think about this? I’m not sure if it was better than the old system of clicking, but if you know Vetex, it’ll be much better than before!

We have yet more to cover before moving on to the second biggest thing this week. Here’s a few smaller trello changes. For example, when a ship stops moving, a plank will appear on a side if there is nearby land or another ship, connecting to it. This will definitely add to the immersion and the convenience of entering or exiting your ship. Excited!

There’s also a new NPC in Redwake that “Tells a tale”. Interesting.

Lastly for our small changes, it’s been said on the trello that “Crew” and “Co-captain” slots have been added to the Ship UI. Now, what could this mean :thinking:? The forum talked about it for a while. Our best guess is you can “equip” other players to these slots to give them permissions on your ship, possibly. Sounds neat!

And lastly for now, we have the biggest leak yet…

Enter the new boat GUI!

I’ll start with the Boat Naming GUI. Look how incredibly crisp that looks. And that animation? To be honest, what other game could have a hard-worked-on animation just for something as small as naming your boat? We can also see the pine trees in the background. Looking nice! :poggers2:

Now for the colors. Again, look at that interface, and all those different colors! Even better than I expected. Vetex continues to surprise me with his hard work ethic. The top and bottom rows of each side will likely be the colors you can access without the gamepass. :nod:

We can also see a click to paint GUI. I’m gonna miss so many times, but allows for a lot better customization. Wonder how this will work for large boats. Zoom out a lot, I guess?

And last of all, the repair hammer. Again, a giant surge of detail and work, and even more immersion just for the small action of repairing your ship a little bit. Look at this! But the main thing i’m noticing isn’t the hammer, it’s everything else. Look at those lanterns, that lighting, and the sea :ocean:. And the islands in the background.

People talked about how Vetex didn’t stay true to the size of the wilderness islands he said they would be, but I think they look super good. Is one of those Dawn Island? Maybe :i’ll look back on one of his first tweets to see.

Thought we were done here? Pathetic :frsleepin:. We still have 2 more major subjects to show everyone.

First of all, some more trello changes. I haven’t been on top of this lately, so here’s some. More specifically, NPC crew. You heard me right. I’m not kidding. WHO’S HYPED TO HAVE SOMEONE ELSE BEHIND THOSE CANNONS?

Screenshot 2021-03-28 at 8.09.35 PM

This is the first information we have about the new NPCs. So far, we have info about the Co-captains, but not the crewmates. They’ll shout commands, and some will have special purposes like selling and information-giving. The question is, will you be able to customize them fully. I would REALLY like that. Imagine the opportunities!

Arcane Odyssey has turned out to be way more than I thought it would be. I don’t know about you, but NPC crews have made me more excited than anything else. Well, maybe the sailboat made me more. :ok_hand::100: Hope we get customizable magics and crewmate names as well! Let’s see how this plays out.

Also shown on Trello they shout out commands when you do certain things, and they talk in chat. Such as saying a line when you open the sails of your ship.

And finally, a combat leak, in the form of @DocTheWarBird and @Mimhere fighting with Fire Magic in Redwake, all with the permission of father Vetex. :sunglasses: You can see them burning everything around them, a few NPCs, a bit more of Redwake, but most importantly how smooth those alternating barrages look. This was shared by @IdleMotion. You could say this was pretty heated!

That was a WHOLE lotta stuff this week, and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did! We stan Vetex! :clap:


Forum Topics of the Week

Here’s a creative topic by @T-34_76 … What if everyone was extremely scared of you? The responses were interesting. Personally, I’m not even sure how this would go but people speculated. Nice topic, and very interesting indeed!


Now for our weekly dose of suggestion! Here’s Fatigue and Resting by @SuperGrayson. I won’t explain all of it, but in general, your max stamina will go down temporarily when you run out (And would regularly just take damage). You need to rest and let it go back up. This has 45 votes, and was very high quality. Great job on this!


We’re hopping on that trend again… Here’s another “Above You” topic by @ProjectHR1! In this topic, we say something related to the forumer above us. Exactly how many full circles will we make? Or will it turn into a long “Illuminati Confirmed” joke? Despite being very late last week, i’ll still include it since it was close :nod:. 600 comments and counting. Join us!


Art of the Week

The Land of Green and Gold

Allow your eyes to witness the magnificent masterpiece this week’s issue shows you… Welcomes to the Land of Green and Gold by @Fiter120 ! According to them, this image was 100% painted, and that this took a long time to make. The lighting is terrific, and the color scheme is wonderful, both in the sky and land. The name rings true, but with even more glory. Very pretty! :paintbrush::heart:

Also, make sure to check out the giant “RPG” art collaboration this week! The art was really amazing.


Writing of the Week

Not too much writing this week, but there was sure some good stuff! This week we have Origins of Flame Pt. 2 by @Archer ! His extensive vocabulary and excellent writing style really add up the suspense in the text, and it’s overall very good. Nice work, Archer! :+1:


Here’s a Puzzle For You…

Last week’s Riddle Solver is… @ProjectHR1! Congratulations for being the first to crack it!

The answer was… Salvatore Mortale!


This week’s Riddle is…


_ _ _ _ _

First to message or ping me with the answer will get a shoutout next week’s issue! No cheating!


Thanks for reading this week’s edition of The Odyssey Feed!


That was a lot of images to download, but I hoped you enjoyed it. What would you like to see next week, if you were Vetex?

  • NPC Crews
  • Weapon Revamp

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Roblox Oders: More like RobloxUsers69

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i gotta see where the crews go, even tho weapon revamp will be cool, we have a bit of a good idea to where it’s going

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I’m really excited for both, but the NPC Crews were a welcomed surprise! I can imagine the opportunities if they’re fully customizable, like files. It won’t happen, but we can’t doubt Vetex!

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fuck npcs, gimme good combat


it was me and @DocTheWarBird fighting, he was the one that took the gif. PercollateBar just took it from somewhere and made a post about it

Oh, alright. Thanks for the information, i’ll be sure to change it! :heart:

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I don’t think that’s physically possible

good combat can exist.

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It sure can! I have a weapons file, so i’m excited for this as well! :+1:

“Now, go to the Arcane Reborn wiki and look at the sailboat. Do you see any difference? Yep. This sailboat is far superior to its ancestor. And with the ship equips and custom colors, it can get even crazier. Also, the sailing trails look nice. Share what you think!”
Funny thing, I believe the devs of AR are currently remodeling the ships, as they leaked a redesigned sailboat. Here it is:

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I think Vetex’s is still better. :coolman:

Honestly this still doesn’t look too bad

I agree. But I think the new one is just so much better!

hype for what the Frigate will have and look like

I’m super excited for that as well! I’m going to get the largest boat for my main file, ahah.

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My hype for this game continues to grow as every week passes. I am so excited for it.

play EBG then, if you just want good combat

I’m sure this game will have even better combat than that game once the revamp finishes!