Want to make "canonically-correct" OC but too much of a lazy ###?


credit to @SpectreTheFox for the Arcane Lore Encyclopedia, feel free to tell me if you want me to take it down


canonically correct??? How am I supposed to make my edgy op red pheonix magic man now???

Why would you want to make your OC cannonically correct? Just take the lore, and twist it so far that it’s almost unrecognizable, that’s what I did.


huh got wind weird

become vetex

want to make an OC? simply dont make an OC!

I chose “none of these” for all the questions and got water
what now?

you dont choose your magic
it choose you

m lquide

ok yeah just tested and it’ll give you a random one

explain the choose your magic menu :clown_face:
stupid rpers smh my head

this is a joke if you havent noticed

what ?
you want a spin system or some sht ?

no but im not gonna let the game decide what degenerate magic im gonna use
if the game forces me to use emerald crystal or piss crystal i will literally die

im laughing too much at this

i got water magic

does your roleplaying ass use piss crystal

wind my beloved

can piss crystal be called as kidney stone-

at least it isnt pisstal
you have redeemed yourself slightly

no kidney stones arent yellow are you braindead

you didnt get the joke
and thank god you didnt cause that was a bad one

i understood the joke i just ignored it because it was cringe