What builds, magics, styles, weapons, techniques, etc are you going for in AO?

Write for as many slots as you wish to include!

Support Pest Build

Full Mage with big magic size for max AOE and DOT spam. It’s a PvE distance and PvP support build that is meant to be a nuisance more than anything.

  • Ash Magic for the Petrify and funni cloud spam cough cough
  • Fire Magic for Petrify + damage buffs/interactions with both Ash and my next Base Magic. To be replaced with Flare for the absolutely bonkers Ash interactions and the incredible long-term battle potential (it’s like a better, firey Poison when coupled with Ash)
  • Acid Magic for underwater utility and insane interactions with Petrify (it’s a +40% damage buff). Also it’s a goofy AOE spam again. To be replaced with either Blaze, Phoenix, Sun, Healing, or Life Magic maybe. Not entirely sure lol

File 3: Offensive Warlock with Explosion magic, and iron leg meant to make giant skills so it’s hard to miss.

Explosion magic: Enormous size, fair speed, heat based magic which can be later used to petrify opponents.

Iron leg: looks like a pretty well rounded fighting style that’s also possessing giant skills, which goes hand in hand with explosion’s already enormous magic size.

Second awakening: Fire magic for now to make petrification with explosion magic. Later, it can be replaced with flare or inferno magic for the same goal.


try Fire for your second awakening if you want to petrify, it can be replaced with another magic later. i love ash but you really need to enjoy zoning, support, and marathon-like fights for it to work for you

I already posted this on another post but eh whatever

my first build is my hydro hand build water + lightning (will be replaced with storm)

the build is inspired by lapis lazuli and kurapika from hunter hunter

gonna focus on power and speed

as a mage all spells with the options will have the hand shape basically and later on maybe chains for some spells

if possible ill use the transformation spell to have water wings or some shit

Second file will be based off of my oc Joy Callan which will be a conjurer with

the weapons ill use are a great hammer spear and greatsword (may change once i see all weapon skills)

as for spells idk

o qha? i had no idea this was a thing but maybe it’s a remnant from the old magic tiers (maker and whatnot)

plasma thermo atk speed + agility

not sure if i should switch out plasma for light for full speed build
or atk speed for power for a bit more damage

all i know is blasts have the hand shape option
found this from the trello btw


mage with ice, snow, and water

hopefully gonna get zone and elementals so i don’t have to fight

also plan on getting a limb spell for all my magics if those are added

my armour stats are either just gonna be pure attack speed or intensity

Light has a big issue with its damage so unless you plan to back it up with something heavier-hitting i don’t suggest it. also Light has very poor interactions just like Shadow. This is mostly if you’re planning around magic interactions tho, if it’s just supplemental for something like a pure build that isn’t mage then it should work fine

dragon head time

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Mage with Magma, Snow, and Wind so that I can clear every status effect if the game

Magma warlock with Ash as a second magic for extra area control due to puddles and clouds

My main that never changes unlike other files:
Mage with Explosion (Will be replaced with Ap.Bringer) ; Ash ; Magma…Size-Defense build with single intensity amulet for larger clouds and puddels.

I dont need to aim, if my blast are a size of a ketch, and whole arena is in puddles and clouds. Zone on Ash to go.

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Thermo Fist warlord

going for a versatile pressure-focused build, so im probably gonna focus on defense and atk speed to start, maybe a bit of power, as well as intensity whenever that gets buffed

Weapons I’ll use are gonna be the lance of loyalty and a rifle, not sure about the 3rd slot yet but I might use a frostmill weapon whenever those come out to apply scalded in combination with thermo

Second file is significantly less planned out, all i know is that it’ll be a crystal conjurer using dual swords, claws, and a pistol

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Berserker w/ Basic Combat and Basic Combat.

I assume when you get your second fighting style it will be basic combat. I’m sure Vetex expects people to, y’know, pick up a real fighting style by then. But I won’t. I will main Basic (cause I am not a huge fan of the others) and I will get my second Basic Combat later >:)

This is not gonna be meta.


basic combat and swords

I can’t tell what my main is gonna be

but I’m 100% doing wind + boxing with max intensity

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Copying me smh :unamused:

Explosion spell has the same options, but they fall from the sky and then explode

Magma mage

Magma thermo

Do I need anything else?

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my kind of guy

no apoc brinfer???

  • First slot : Rodrigo_drake : I will be a Conjurer ( If I could creat my own attacks using any weapon ) If not , I will probably turn a full mage
  • Fire magic

  • Second slot : name ??? : I will be a warlock Using fight style and magics

-Third slot : Name??? : Will probably be a conjurer

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