What do you think about deepwoken

What is your opinion on the game

Isn’t this the exact same topic as


My thoughts

Oh damn but i still will like see what you guys think about it currently

I personally don’t like it very much.

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too spensive

it’s fun with friends but it can be very frustrating (like when a power 60 jumps 4 power 10s :sob:) :slight_smile:

Ngl the power 10s could win if they were cracked

oh my gwaddd i do not care for deepwoken this is like the 3rd time the topic has been discussed…

deep woken have no lore.

dnc (do not care)

I personally like it

Fun (if you aren’t getting jumped by a level 60 and his boyfriends) and banger ost other than that not much else to say

Arcane Odyssey if it sucked.

A game with amazing potential with a awful new player experience but overall still not bad

Man stole my topic

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i would play if it didnt cost robux

unfortunately, i am not cracked (skill issue yes)

Sorry man i didnt know you made it first