Who Donk and Mal Are and Where They Are (THEORY)



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Before I joined this forum, there were two who caused chaos on these lands. One was named Donk, a character riddled with spelling errors and ignorance with general stupid remarks. The other was named Mal, a person who was like a contained anarchy whose stream of consciousness caused others to riot. These people who were once here, and now they’re gone in banland. Donk’s account was suspended for one THOUSAND years like some Elder Scrolls villain while Mal’s account was erased off the internet completely. But where are they now? Do trolls truly give up after getting banned? Or do they persist on the forum, creating alts. There was proof of both of them creating alts, let’s take a deeper look at this mystery.


Let’s begin with Donk, the ignorant Nintendo-centered (not really harmful) troll with a bunch of spelling mistakes. Does that sound familiar to anyone? Could WAX be Donk’s successor or his evolution? Is WAX someone new who was able to tiptoe on the fine-line of spelling mistakes, allowing him to stay without flags, or is he simply Donk learning from his mistakes? Donk creating alts wouldn’t be that too far-fetched since he apparently created multiple during an argument. However, I believe it’s the former, and here’s why: Donk seems to be someone WAX is interested about but not knowledgeable about, but there is someone who’s both. Tron.


Tron was exposed for having the same IP as Donk’s account, and what was his excuse? His friend was the one who made the account while staying over for a week? Sounds suspicious to me, but also he seems to defend Donk a lot (and trolls in general for that matter) Also, look at the way he types, it’s a lot like Donk’s. Looks like Donk may be actually a more normal person than we originally thought? Of course, I could be wrong, and WAX may be Donk returned - but nonetheless, they’re both suspects in my theory.


Next is Mal. Now Mal was hard to get evidence of considering their account was erased, but quotes and screenshots of them still exists so I was able to truly understand him. Mal has had apparently two alts before Sister: Loreing and Kochkohl. Both of these accounts acted as this hostile character who referenced other games and came up with bizarre ideas. Loreing, I do not know why was made but has been argued to be a Mal clone, while Kochkohl has a reason of creation. Their activity started AFTER Mal was erased from the platform. Then days later, Sister came to be. Sister acts exactly like all these alts and like Mal and has been accused by many people for being Mal, but I feel like something is more at play:


As we all know, Sister has been suspended for admitting to creating misinformation. 2 weeks is the suspension time, 2 weeks of days going by without trolling or anything. Remembered how Kochkohl was created after Mal’s deletion? I believe the same thing will result again but for Sister’s suspension. Perhaps they will create a new account or perhaps Kochkohl will simply come back or perhaps nothing will even happen. But in the end, only time will tell…

(Theorist’s Notes: I even scared myself!)

(Editor’s Notes: If you’re wondering how I got their avatars, you can get it by pressing their profile picture and pressing download!)


I remember donk he replied to one of my posts was a harmless person. I never knew donk was an artist so I think that’s nice to see! (I saw his kirby artwork). That music is scary too, more scary than the Runescape one

Dang this seems legit though I believe the Tron = Donk makes more sense or they are at least relatives to close friends though it is possible Donk moved to his local internet cafe and made a forum account. Though the Sister is Mal theory is quite believable cause they act similar even if it is a slight singularity.

Donk was generally harmless, but I am assuming he was flagged for his grammar mistakes which the mods don’t want since it, to them, it would ruin the forum’s image.

I believe Sister = Mal was confirmed due to them both making the same joke even though Mal’s joke of it was completely erased (not even a screenshot exists). Tron, funny enough, was the one to discover this because of something with Mal saying blue veins which Sister also referred to

yeah, nice theory but there’s a hole in the connection between me being donk. like, why would i even do that? lmfao, i have no reason to go to all that trouble to ACT stupid and type like that. but the sister/mal theory is definitely correct, and to answer your question on why loreing was created - mal’s account was suspended and then so loreing came to be and started posting. so yeah, i also see a pattern there too

You guys do realize this entire topic is just a drama nest right.

It’s not causing drama though. Tron seems okay with it

Anyway, I thought about it and I’m still skeptical. But maybe you can tell me if you know WAX is Donk? I know that you personally know Donk, so that would mean you would know if WAX is Donk now, right?

nope, i have no idea who wax is

WAX is not donk.
WAX is too good to be some low class trolls alt.
He’s a comedian, a saint, and an unstoppable warrior.

No matter what you view of Donk and WAX, the parallels of their characters are hard to overlook. Perhaps WAX is Donk but more refined and adjusted to fit in the community. A lot of Donk’s old posts remind me of WAX if you ignore the grammar errors, some of it is even funny. But still this is just a theory, Donk’s alt could have been @anon96970961 considering their similarities. They both seem very similar. I don’t know, but I don’t think these kind of trolls would give up so easily

if iwas donk then i wouldnt be such an acclaimed jorunalist, artist, and…most importantly…lover. please factor those facts in your theory and then youll realize that headless is actualy donk

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What if you’re Donk and Mal and you’re throwing these people under the bus to keep your myriad of tricks and illusions


I barely have one consistent personality, I couldn’t possibly keep up with all of those personalities. I’m pretty sure I’ll go insane.

jumbo please private mesage me… i must inteverew you for my next news page

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honestly it’d be pretty funny if its just one guy, sitting behind a desk, creating an elaborate lore with dozens of alts that we dont get yet because the main storyline hasn’t even begun


If I don’t get this news article on my doorstep as soon as it releases bad things gonna happen in dreamland.

What if the eleven unknowns are also actual players like the peacemaker and wax, mal, donk, tron, and sister are all one of them :thinking: :face_with_monocle: