A rant on all the TGR rants. [Rantception]


idk what people are smoking but there has at least been 1 rant on TGR everyday (and sadly i’m contributing to that even though this is a counter rant).

I’ve noticed a common theme, the ranter:

  • Has not played AA or has only played it for 5 seconds and then left
  • Has only resonated with WoM and none of vetex’s other games like AS (as was meh imo so don’t shoot me)
  • Did not read the full TGR post, even though they said they “did” they only skimmed through it and that becomes evident the longer you read their rant.
  • Is from the discord/ and or is inactive in the community
  • Has not read the trello

Now, I understand that not everyone has played AA and not everyone will. It’s from a different era of roblox, so I can understand why it isn’t as widely known as it used to be and AR is not the same.

These people are entitled to their opinions, and I understand that not everyone is a hardcore player like myself and they don’t have to be.


Who are these nobodies rising out of nowhere trashing on an update that will ultimately save the game :fr:…?

I’m going to take the most common claims these ranters use, and completely dismantle them.

Not sorry.

"Removing moving npcs removes what makes this game unique!"

Do you really think THAT’s what makes WoM “unique”?

There are countless other games that have moving npc’s. Maybe not to the degree that WoM had, but look at Sl2. I hate Sl2 (don’t shoot me) but it does have moving npcs. Do the npcs in Sl2 have shitty quests? Yup. Even worse than WoM quests imo. But my point here is, WoM is not the first game to do that and removing their ability to move will not kill the game in the slightest. Yes it’s a WoM staple, but it’s a novelty feature that doesn’t add anything to gameplay and I don’t understand why it means so much to you.

Also, the resource consumption that these npcs take is MASSIVE and hit performance hard. 330 npcs all pathfinding is not sustainable and it isn’t worth it just for people to go “ooo epic” whenever an npc does anything.

You weren’t going to remember the name of these npc’s, not at all. They just aren’t memorable since they’re randomly generated. That won’t be a problem with stationary npc’s, since each npc’s place in the world actually matters.

Npc’s are becoming stationary, shut up and accept it. Plus, vetex plans to try and animate them, so they won’t be completely dead.

"Removal of flight is bad! Just make it something you can get at high level!"

Why are you torn up about the removal of a spell that you have never used?

I get it, it’s “cool”. But sometimes, you have to sacrifice what’s “cool” for what works. Let me elaborate, the map is becoming boats and islands, which is happy news to me! And because of this, flight is being removed.

With flight, transporation would’ve been TOO EASY and would’ve made exploration overall less special. This was supposed to be a band-aid fix to the transportation issue with the continent, but we will no longer have the continent so flight spells are no longer required.

In AO, the sea is going to be hellish. There will be sea monsters, pirates, whirlpools, extreme weather, sea challenges, other players (rkers), and more. Being able to fly over all of that absolutely defeats the purpose of the sea being dangerous. Even if you unlocked it at an extremely high level, you would NEVER use your boat again.

If you for some reason are DEAD SET on being a fucking bird, you will have gliders and hover spells to stay in the air. Suck it up, flight is gone.

Deal with it.

"There is literally nothing to do once you reach max, pvp sucks, and that is why tgr will fail"

Wow, it’s almost as if a game can be finished. Why the hell do you think the game is being revamped I stole the title from one of the rants I saw, it was honestly the stupidest rant on TGR i’ve ever read imo.

TGR will address this by giving us better endgame content such as lost spells (to deal with the pvp thing)/Diving spots to explore/Islands to explore, and more that I will not list because the to do list is 90+ items long just fucking read it. I don’t even have much to say about this one because this bullet point is just so STUPID.

"Removal of cultures is NOT good. It made characters unique"

Do you truly believe that is what diversified your character?


No it did not.

All it did was give you a re-skin of a different cultures weapon and locked items behind a culture wall which is just dumb.

AO will STILL have cultures, it’s just that PLAYERS will no longer be a part of them. So you can buy whatever the hell you want no matter what culture it is from. I do not understand why anyone has a problem with the removal of cultures as it was a flawed system.

"Islands are bad for the game why are you adding boats?? You could've just added horses ._.

The only people saying this are people who have not played AA

You see, horses would’ve ALSO been a band-aid fix much like flight. Plus, it would’ve been very strange to see a detailed horse in a blocky environment. It just wouldn’t fit.

Boats are also far more customizable than horses could ever hope to be, this is so transporation can be actually fun. Vetex is planning on several ways to customize your boat (Weapons/Cannons/Figurehead/Latern) So after reading all that, idk why people would still want horses.

And then someone had the AUDACITY to say “islands will be laggier” and…THAT MAKES NO SENSE. Islands will be less laggier than the continent. Not to mention, they will have more personality since they will be distinct from one another in appearance and purpose. Something that the continents locations did not do well.

"Ugh it's just an AA clone."

It is a fucking sequel, it’s only natural that AA and AO are similar

If you’ve taken a moment to read and process ANYTHING that vetex has said for more than 3 damn seconds you would see that AO is going to be different. It’s going to have everything that AA and WoM had and then some with more features plus a better and more engaging story.

People have been begging vetex for over 4 god damn years to either remake AA or make a sequel and when he does all you do complain

Can’t please anyone anymore


love this post, highly accurate and surprisingly detailed


Another point is preference to a continent. Vetex and his builders simply CANNOT make areas in a reasonable amount of time due to size needed. Transportation is currently aids and anything extra would be a band aid fix.


I love you :hugs: no homo

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Atleast I can see it being promising and might look like Assassin’s creed Black Flag

Ty dragon :> (fashionably late response I know)

it took me like 30 mins to write cuz I wanted to make sure I had every over-used claim packed in here.

Would’ve been really meta if it was just a link to vetex’s TGR post

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that would actually be really funny ngl

Everything is true here. Totally agree with it. Maybe too harsh on the other people opinion (even tho those opinions are stupid).

P.S theres also people comparing AO to AR instead of AA. Which probably gives them the reason to call AO trAsH

Wait, we’re shooting our own men.

me: gatekeeps
forum: yo what the hell

pedro: gatekeeps
forum: yeah agreed

(edit: on second thought, what i was doing was serious, while this is a joke lol)

That’s me :sunglasses:

Mans became patrick star

Wow. Just wow

Good work though! I do agree with many of your opinions, although not as strongly. I do think the dynamic NPC’s were pretty great, but it is understandable and i’m excited for the new update!

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You have the official stamp of approval, nice.

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Also damn vetex saw this.

I can die happy.


this right here is what we see in heaven

As someone who never played AA nor knows jack shit about it, I don’t really understand the hate from people in similar situations. If you actually read the TGR, none of the changes made are anything but straight dubs. Npc behaviors? Great, not being able to enchant because some fuckhead was asleep pissed me off anyway. No flight? I thought it would be cancer for pvp regardless so good riddance. No culture locking? Damn, now I can use that really cool cutlass I couldn’t use before because of rng, what a shame. I can’t genuinely understand the people who don’t like this update besides “Wahhh impatient wahhhh”. The only thing this update doesn’t really fix is combat but the combat is something that I feel won’t be “Fixed” for a while. It does add dashing which is nice, but IMO the big strength of combat in the future will be its depth. With 3 weapons slots, 5 magics, lost spells, high level equipment giving enough bonus stats to actually matter, I think that it’ll be the shear depth that will be eventually available as far as builds go that will make pvp interesting. Regardless though, good post.


Out of likes ;c

And yeah everything you said is true.

Combat may take a while to get good but it will get good eventually.

Haha that’s bound to hurt

Don’t forget immersion! What will I do without muh immersive NPCs??? Like evelyn ketch!? she was my favorite NPC!! minding that I completely forgot about her when she despawned! What, animated memorable NPCs with immersive dialogue? No… I can’t accept that!

Everyone who says this further reinforces that you said that noone actually read what vetex said lol.
Could also be the people who prefer flight over a ship but like… bro… idk if I had to choose between a galleon and shooting ice chunks off my feet to rocket myself… i think i’d go with galleons

Everyone who says this, again, further reinforces what you said earlier. Noone paid attention to what vetex said

Weren’t horses scrapped before TGR? For what reason, we’ll never know. Probably because they were too hard to develop. I’ve also seen people say that islands will be worse… Because a bunch of filler terrain that’s full of bushes and trees is much better…

Remember how much people used to demand that there should be a sequel to AA when AS was being made? People can never be truly satisfied.

You make some good points in this post. The ones above are my opinions