Abyss Sea - Chapter 2 - Order's Monster Logs

??? - Bronze Sea - June 03

  • You found a destroyed base of the Aesir Order, upon exploring the place, you found a worn book that peaked your interest

  • Monster Logs

  • By: R.
  • Page 1 - Introduction

  • Classification of all the Atlantean Beasts currently known and studied, hopefully of use for whoever finds this.

  • Low Tier Atlanteans

  • The average atlantean found anywhere, low danger level
Lost Sailors


Art by @Mirage and edit by @iforgotmeword

  • Lost Sailors, as a fellow researcher came to call them, are not actually Atlanteans, they are humans undergoing the effects of transformation, suffering of constant pains and distress, these poor men are not threats, at all. Ending their suffering seems to be the most safe and advised way of getting rid of them.

  • Atlantean Sailor

  • The weakest and most common of the Atlanteans, Sailors are common folk that suffered the mutation, although alone they are not an actual threat to the average soldier, they overwhelm with numbers… these Atlanteans are usually seen in groups of at least 7, are overall dumb and incapable of anything other than mindlessly attacking anything that moves.

  • Atlantean Captain

  • Often seen piloting the atlantean ships, Captains are soldiers with a power level that, according to our sensing assistants, range from 5.000 to 10.000 (for comparison, a normal townsfolk power level is of 120-ish) and are capable of basic thinking.

  • Medium Tier Atlanteans

  • The atlanteans seen near high population areas, medium-high threat level

  • Nightmarish Atlanteans

  • The most powerful atlantean you have a chance to meet in a daily basis, powerful soldiers are usually mutated into this tier, having a 1.75x-ish power boost, any non-identified Nightmarish Atlantean is to be dealt with as soon as possible and with high caution. Power levels range from 20.000 to 30.000 (to comparison, the average centurion power level is of 5.000-10.000) these are capable of thinking like a normal human, except for their immense desire for death and meat.

  • Classified Nightmarish Atlanteans:

Tilly - Siren of Palo Town

  • Recently discovered, the mayor of Palo Town was turned into a siren-like Atlantean that attracts victims by faking its previous victims’s voice, alone isn’t much of a threat, but her citizens were all turned into Captains, protecting and serving her. To be executed

Johnny - The Crystal Plant

  • Recently discovered alongside Tilly, this Atlantean is… very special, to say the least. His body consist of a spine that is stuck to the floor of the highest place in Palo Town, its parts are scattered around the whole island and have an strange aura that seems to suck in magic and transfer to the main body, it all look like plants made of crystals, apparently it has a symbiotic relationship with the Siren. To be executed with extreme caution

Aureous Bronze - The Insane Centurion

  • The first Unholy beast to be found, caused the Shell Island Incident and is the weakest known Nightmarish Atlantean, but the first case of a 2x power boost, that came with being the most insane Atlantean recorded, has already been eliminated.

General Argos - The Lionfish of the Sunken Ravenna

Drawing by a survivor

Art by @Mr_Mxyzptlk

  • Once Ravenna’s strongest soldier, now a husk of his former self, with twice as much power, last seen in Fort Talos’s ruins, before its evacuation. He is the middle tier of the classified NIghtmarish Atlanteans, his attacks consisted of throwing himself at his opponents and smashing them with his arms. To be left alone unless outside the Fort’s ruins


Drawing by a survivor


  • The strongest Nightmarish Atlantean known, in the border of the High Tier Atlanteans, Kevin is yet to be seen a second time, having escaped against a clash with General Julian, Kevin uses a cutlass alongside with water magic and is the most rational Unholy Beast, knowing when to retreat and finding a weakspot on the General’s guard, to be executed with extreme caution.
  • Atlantean Unholy Beast

  • Too strong to be on Nightmarish, too weak to be on Legendary, these are still off-limits to most soldiers, whose power-level range from 30.000 to 50.000, these beasts are mostly capable of human speech and actions, but are still nothing but murder machines.

Calvus - King of the Sunken Ravenna

  • What used to be the mighty king of Ravenna is now a monster incapable of thinking, the most insane Unholy Beast, wields Aether Magic and has access to the fragment of the Apocalypse Bringer curse, last seen escaping from containment, current whereabouts are unknown. To be left alone

  • High Tier Atlanteans

  • The most powerful Atlanteans, Powerlevel range from 60.000 to infinity, considered impossible to execute, run immediately upon seeing one of these, except in case of being of Admiral level.

Ruby Roger - The King of The Seas

  • Behind only of The King of Atlanteans, Ruby Roger was once an lowly pirate that upon mutating into a White Eyes species of Atlantean, received a, and i speculate, 5x power boost, the most rational Atlantean to be found, his objectives and full power is unknown, having saved a ship from an encounter with The King, and also destroyed a fleet that was heading towards Mount Othrys. To be left alone

Martin - The King of Atlanteans

Drawing by a pirate saved by Roger

Art by @Mr_Mxyzptlk

  • The Absolute Force of Nature, The Strongest, The King. only officialy seen once, Martin wields Fire magic and attacks using his legs, a clash against Ruby Roger that made tsunamis all over the War Seas, his reason to “flee” is unknown, perhaps he left Roger to become stronger, and give him an actual fight? Martin is the strongest being in the world, period. Do not attempt to hunt him, avoid The Aura Similar Only to The Epicenter.

this chapter was supposed to be accompanied by chapter 3, but the forums made me lose the whole draft for chapter 3 so only tomorrow, hope the reading was enjoyable

[ANIMATION] That’s not the Captain anymore
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Love it! Now we gotta see a throwdown between Ruby Roger and Martin


really enjoying the way you format your writing! It’s so immersive and retains my peanut-sized attention span. Can’t wait to see this list of monsters grow!!

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If Roger has turned into a Atlantean, is Clark Silvers still unturned?
Maybe he lives under the protection of Roger?

That i would leave to whoever wants to play Roger’s story, but personally i would find funny if he turned into a sword fish and was used by Roger as a sword lol

A Survivor Observed argos and sketched this out, He found that argos’s helmet turned into a shell and holes that look somewhat like his former helmet allow him to see


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added Johnny the Crystal Meat-Plant and Calvus, also updated Argos’ sketch

I love how Martin went from a silly bug with dark sea generation to basically a legendary figure, like Admiral Adkins

Imagine if ADKINS got corrupted, though he’s probably singlehandedly defending silverhold

Martin exists whenever Adkins decides to cosplay an Atlantean

The crystal meat plant??? :sob:

I’m great at titles aint i :fire::fire::fire:


the fact that there’s just unholy beast and then legendary atlantean without nightmarish between them bleeh

cuz nightmarish is too stupid to have its on tier, plus i had no ideas on what to put there

probably everything but ruby roger and martin, like cmon calvus is legendary?

alr you got a point big man

how i see it, there are three stages of mutation:

  1. Lost Sailor
  2. Lesser Mutated
  3. Mutated

And three tiers of the final stage:

  1. Monstrous
  2. Nightmarish
  3. Unholy Beast

Legendary is its own category, in which only those who have lived in the Dark Sea for a very long time could become, and currently none have mutated into this tier.

No one has to follow this structure, but this is how i see it :+1:

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leave poor ruby alone he’s just trying to help

insert that one jotaro meme

im gonna eat some atlanteans

Why is Ruby Roger so strong at only x5 power? He got arrested by ensigns…