Abyss Sea - Chapter 3 - Order's Experiment Logs

??? - Bronze Sea - June 3

  • You put the book on your backpack and continue exploring until you enter a room with a glass wall separating it in the middle, on the other side is a decomposing body, and in the side you currently are, a table with a strange device on it… you pick up the device and press the red button like a moron.

  • A female voice started playing from the object.
  • Experiment Logs by: Karma Von J.

  • Current test subject: A avarage fit male, around his late 30’ies, brown hair and red eyes
  • Day 1

  • The subject got into the facility a few days ago, has been put to rest while awaiting for a researcher, so here i am. Current objective, testing immunity, chosen procedure, making the subject feed on small quantities of Atlantean flesh over the course of 2 months and test if immunity is gained. Will record once any changes are noted.

  • Day 10

  • The subject hasn’t noticed anything different on his routine, but i can see that he has developed minor mutations, although he doesn’t seem to be going through the Lost Sailor part of mutation, he just straight up gained fish fins behind his ears. Perhaps, the mutation is happening slowly, and so he isn’t suffering through it, kinda like if it is a stabilized mutation?

  • Day 15

  • The subject seems to be distressed, though nothing has changed on his routine. Attempts at making him speak have been answered with grunts… I will increase the amount of Atlantean flesh fed to the subject.

  • Day 20

  • The subject’s distress has stopped, seems like his mutation had halted aggressively due to lack of Atlantean Radiation, which means he has some immunity now… I will increase the ammount of Atlantean Flesh every 10 days, this research is getting somewhere and it can’t stop now.

  • Day 50

  • The subject has mutated just as commonly as before, at the current moment, he is mostly Atlantean, but doesn’t show any of the aggressiveness as the other ones, today i decided to put another human on his cell, will notify tomorrow.

  • Day 52

  • I was extra busy last day, but the Subject A didn’t kill Subject B, even though Subject B shown clear disgust towards Subject A, i separated them once again this morning, in a few days i will put an wild Atlantean on the subject’s cell‎

  • Day 63

  • Last morning, i put the wild Atlantean in the subject’s cell, expecting the beast would bite him, of course, i was going to save him after the bite, but the beast didn’t show any aggression towards the subject, and neither did the subject towards the Atlantean, i can’t come up with any reason to why this happened other than, the Atlantean sees the Subject as his similar.

  • Day 64

  • I forced the Atlantean to bite the subject, killed him afterwards, the subject seems distressed, will report in a week.

  • Day 71

  • The subject hasn’t suffered any mutations extra mutations, and his behavior hasn’t changed either, seems like he really is immune now, though at the cost of looking like a fish. This research has gotten more results than most, i hope they give me a raise…

  • End of logs.

  • “well, that was something” you think to yourself, picking up another one of the objects and pressing the red button once again

  • A male voice starts playing
  • Research logs by: R.

  • Day 32

  • My partner, John, spilled coffee on the tape and we lost 31 days of research, i hope he is fired… Well, recapitulating, John has made a Magic Gorilla into an Atlantean, he locked the thing up in a heavy security cell and has been poking it with a stick for the past 2 weeks, the gorilla grew 8 tentacles and has been trying to escape, he hasn’t come even close, thankfully.

  • Day 35

  • John mixed the Atlantean Octo–Magi-Gorilla with a praying mantis, i don’t know how he did it, why he did it, but the thing grew a mantis blade in each of the tentacles, John has been poking him for the last 42 hours, i really hope that thing doesn’t escape…

  • Day 36

  • It escaped.

  • the “tape” ended abruptly…

This is the second time i feel so happy when writing something, alongside Pilot, this was my favorite chapter to write, and i hope it makes you guys happy too

God forbid John

[ANIMATION] That’s not the Captain anymore
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Atlanteans that retain their human consciousness???

this could spell disaster for the remaining survivors of the War Seas…

what is the Order cooking??? :eyes: :eyes: :eyes:

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let em cook :fire:

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Step 1. Help Atlanteans retain their consciousness
Step 2. Pit the Atlanteans against the Atlanteans
Step 3. Grab a bucket of popcorn


Atlantean Tier 5 insanity meals, that what they’re cooking

Music stops
We’ll be right back cutscene starts playing

bro forgot to get perfect cooking and use cursed mushrooms + warding, thats why he mutated

I wonder what would happen if an Atlantean was injected with a warding potion

they would probably die or some

Huh. That was something. Artificial, controlled infection via ingestion of Atlantean flesh, as a way to adapt to the invasion and maintain one’s sanity. I’d imagine that this is probably happening in the Bronze Sea to more than a few survivors, as they resort to killing and consuming the Atlanteans in order to survive. This sets up some very nice “become the monster to kill the monster” plotlines, and should most definitely be explored further.

I actually saw a good answer to this in another Abyss Sea thread, warding potions will temporarily grant an Atlantean their former sanity, though the efficacy and duration of this is dependent on the stage of mutation and the quality of the potion.

New forumers insane, 4 necroposts in a row

What can I say? I like the concept.