ADIM: Story Simulation - Chapter VIII

Writer's Notes

chapter viii is up, not sure if y’all are still sticking around but hey, we got a funny poll to click on this time

also if you’re reading this story, thank you. (yes this includes myself, who would reread this and get embarrassed at my older writings)

rn this is written mainly for the sake of making myself accomplish a project like this, im just praying that i can keep the schedule going, so i can finish last chapter before story simulation’s one year anniversary

wonder if anyone actually reads writer’s notes? i tend to use this spot to ramble about stuff

uh if anyone reads this, uhhhhh

fun fact: the entire average day in magius is first inspired by several Japanese music projects/bands/groups/etc. despite me not getting into music-making in general, i try to make up for it with writing/drawings here and then

also, story simulation was basically created as an easier start (to me) because i chickened out before i started writing vistarian squad’s story. looking forward to building my (story writing and maintaining the project) courage while working on story simulation.

also something i got from my experience working on SS:
there’s bound to be this one phase where you feel like your project sucks. i remembered seeing a graph explaining this but it goes like (please excuse my doodle)

it could be different for everyone but i tried to draw the graph from my memory

Aaaand we’re back here again!
Not too long from the last part, eh?

     Inside the infirmary, Rael still needed to convince the stranger to let him go out. He couldn’t just jump out of the window or knock the stranger out, so he might as well try out the peaceful option.
     “Please? I need to look for Jean and Aurielle, I didn’t see them around from the window.”
     The stranger raised their eyebrow, looking at Rael’s state again. “Aurielle, huh?”
     Rael nodded, as they took some time to stare at him. He couldn’t tell what was going on in their head, but sooner or later, they finally said something, “You can go.”
     After thanking the stranger, he left the infirmary room and head out of the building, and headed back to the keep again.

     The keep’s guards recognized Rael, and they let him get inside to catch up with Aurielle and Jean. As he walked along the hallways, he noticed damages on the walls and floor, trailing from a room to a room.
     He peeked inside the room where the blast-like damage first started, and noticed some books on the floor. It’s a library, where the bookshelves are mostly unaffected, while the walls had some noticeable damages—such as a broken image frame, barely hanging from the wall.
     It’s no time to investigate the library for now, since his priority was to find the two. So he left the library and followed the damage trail to another room, that turned out to be a staircase leading to the floor above.
     Rael walked up along the stairs, and began to hear exchanges between Aurielle and someone else.

     “…what was he reading again? A book about lost magics? And he tried to steal that?!”
     As the talk about the almost-stolen book continued, Rael arrived at the second floor, and watched the exchange unfold behind the broken door. He spotted Aurielle talking with the king—his arm bandaged, and Jean who was watching their discussion.
     “…he mentioned those magics before, actually. We found a hidden spot with ancient letters, and he said it was something along the lines of those magic riddles…”
     “…he’s after a magic scroll location, I see.”
     “…I know you have this city to think about. But if he didn’t get killed by the scroll’s powers, he could…”
     Even if Rael wasn’t there for the whole conversation, he could piece together that Dacien was after something important, and he should be stopped soon.
     As he contemplated on going after Dacien, he noticed Jean looking in his direction, not saying anything yet.

  • Head downstairs alone, and maybe go hunt Dacien down by himself (fun)
  • Ask Jean to come here, and go hunt Dacien down together by themselves (fun)
  • Ask Jean to come here, and just stay there (safe)
  • Just get inside the room with Aurielle and the king, and see if those two come up with any plans (safe)

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