Arcane Academy - List of Chapters

Arcane academy is an upcoming series, that hopefully won’t crash and burn as fast as syndicate. Anyways, I recommend starting with the prologue for an intro to the universe, as it doesn’t operate within the arcane canon

Prologue - Introductions

(Prologue - Arcane Academy - Introductions)
A humble introduction to our charcters and the academy

Chapter One - Arcane Academy - Humble Beginnings

Chapter One - Arcane Academy - Humble Beginnings
We get to meet our characters in their first class. Unfortunately they may have already screwed up.

Chapter Two - Hidden Darkness

Arcane Academy - Part Two - Hidden Darkness
After our characters have a shocking experience at lunch, they begin to discover an conspiracy

Anyways thanks for reading through and checking out the series


Good series. Can’t wait to challenge the archmage to a duel.

Why is it that whenever people save the world they decide to start a school? Nothing wrong with that of course.

First one was a bit rushed, so next one will come out saturday

What sounds cooler
  • Cult of the Depths
  • Cult of Darkness
  • Curators of the New World
  • The Night Breakers

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I have a bunch of edgy names and Idk which one to use for my edgy death cult

I cannot express how cringy the next chapter will be

So I made a bunch of riddles and stuff for the different cult members introduced in the second part that I’m working on. I kinda wanna release them now, but I also kinda wanna just post them with the second chapter.

  • now
  • later

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I’m proably just gonna release with next chapter if no one votes

In an hour or two, part two - hidden darkness will release

Unfortunete news, it will actually release sunday. It’s basicly done however I still need to work on some finishing touches and I’m way too tired to write coherently.

Release def today for real.
Chapter two will be titled hidden darkness