Average Day in Magius: Story Simulation - Chapter IV

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Welcome back to the story!

At this point, I’d be the last storyteller introduced here.
Everyone else will return again, and this will be repeated until the end.

Before this chapter begins, I'd like to say something to this reader.


Even if there was a donut, there wouldn’t be enough time to pick up one of them, for now.
Should I leave behind a donut when things have calmed down?

     Moments before Rael and Jean visited the Silent Tower, Kat ended the talk with Dacien and left Mount Seawatch. She returned to a hideout in the Bronze Grasslands to pick Hifumi up. And both headed to a spot in the Whispering Forest.
     As Hifumi scanned the forest to look for Dacien hiding on a tree branch, two pairs of shoes fell from the tree behind him, followed by Dacien himself leaping down.
     After the trio had assembled, Dacien later explained about the shoes—referred to by him as an attempt to recreate sky skates, but with magic energy—and guided his two students to hover with it. As they ended up crashing into trees with the flying skates, Dacien thought about their next plan and changed some parts in his head. Occasionally, Dacien stopped revising the plans to give them tips on using the recreated sky skates, as the person who actually studied and built them.
     Rounds of chasing and yelling at his students to not fly outside the area later, he decided to put an end to this quick training.
     “Thank god," Dacien said as he watched Kat and Hifumi crashing into the grass. Despite their struggles, this was enough skill level for him. Or at least, enough for the incoming plan. “You can stop now, we still have a long night ahead.”
     The two students got up and recharged their drained magic energy, and Dacien gestured them to quickly follow him towards the Silent Tower.

     After arriving and sneaking past the guards to the near-top balcony, Dacien briefed the next course of action to the students.
     “Go downstairs, and get them there,” he said to Hifumi, and glanced at the prison cell on the near-top floor, as he turned to Kat, “You’ll take this part instead of me, shouldn’t be too hard.”
     The two students nodded, readying to proceed with the plan. Though, Dacien caught Hifumi gazing into space a moment ago. “Hey.”
     Startled, Hifumi returned to his composure. “Yes?”
     “You got any allergies?”
     Dacien nodded, as he snuck out a small piece from his pocket and forced it into Hifumi’s mouth, shutting his mouth with the palm.
     Caught off guard by the gesture, Kat almost yanked Dacien’s hand away from Hifumi. “What was that?!”
     Dacien waited for a wide-eyed reaction from Hifumi, before releasing his palm and telling him to proceed with his part of the plan right away. Kat watched Hifumi jumping down by each balcony, as she glared at Dacien.
     “Just some sour candy to wake him up.”
     “I see…”
     Seconds later, they heard an explosion downstairs—a signal to proceed with their plan.


     At that moment, Rael rushed downstairs along with the soldiers who heard the echoing explosion. Even if it’s only seconds after the boom, the commotion already took place downstairs, by a small figure setting the soldiers ablaze with his spells and gathering their attention there.
     As some soldiers pushed away and some tried to clear the area, Rael headed into the crowd to approach this figure. But the more Rael tried to go after him, the quicker this figure could slip and jump away from the soldiers’ magic attacks.
     While Rael was chasing after the figure, he bumped into a soldier and tripped.
     The soldier—Issac—grabbed Rael’s arm and pulled him up, before he continued looking at the current situation, where more soldiers came after the small figure who had been stirring chaos here.
     “Get him out of here, I’ll catch up later.” Issac turned to Rael, as he ran towards the stairs and summoned his shadow barrier to block off the floor above.
     The figure noticed Issac blocking more soldiers from upstairs, and charged towards him with the growing fire magic circle in his hand.
     Rael recognized the tiny fire wizard as Hifumi whom he fought with earlier at the grasslands, and chased after him with a charging wood magic circle. But with everyone else going after the kid, some fast magic attacks such as ones of light magic set off, forcing him to leave Issac.
     With everyone’s attention along with the blocked upstairs, Hifumi hurried out of the tower, with traces of magic attacks being caught on his clothes. Rael, Jean, and the others except for Issac followed him.

     Once almost everyone was outside, Hifumi leaped above everyone else with a high jump spell, before sending rains of fiery beams towards the crowd. As he fell down after using the attacks, a large fire magic circle drew itself on the ground beneath, sending shockwaves of explosions to blow everyone away, except the stronger ones standing, which didn’t include Rael.
     As Hifumi landed, he sprung himself in the air once again. But this time, he sent out blasts of flames after the ones who tried approaching him, including Jean whom Rael noticed just now. Despite how she was able to run and dodge away from the blasts, they’re able to change their path and hit the targets.
     But as Hifumi’s attention was on using his blasts to chase after his targets, Rael and some other soldiers used this opportunity to attack him from a distance, messing his concentration up as he fall.
     While the current crowd was trying to take Hifumi down as he continued to attack, more soldiers including Issac joined in. It’s everyone against the kid who happened to have abnormally high energy, both physically and magically.
     Hifumi later knocked most of the crowd away from him with another set of explosion shockwaves, followed by flame blasts to strike the ones who withstood the attack.

     As everyone was focusing on attacking Hifumi, two explosions erupted from the top quarter of the Silent Tower.

     One tore a wall apart near the top of the tower, followed by a tiny soldier being blown away, though Rael could notice Captain Levi barely grabbing that soldier from falling just in time. As Levi pulled the soldier back to the tower, a flaming blast bashed into him from behind, threatening the fall once again.
     And another one broke the top cell jail, followed by a giant horned figure and a human-sized figure escaping on a hovering magma platform. Even if the platform seemed to sway, they’re speeding up towards the forest to the north.

     As Rael watched the events unfolding at the tower’s top, Hifumi sent Jean flying in a flash with a flame pillar, sending scorching flames to keep other soldiers away. But as one of the soldiers—Issac—witnessed Jean being flung above right in front of him, he sprinted right into the flames, towards Jean.

  • Continue focusing on fighting Hifumi, despite the fact there’s already a good amount of people there.
  • Approach the near-top tower with the exploded wall, and encounter the person who was responsible for the attack.
  • Go after the hovering magma platform with a giant with the horned silhouette and someone else. They could be someone Rael has met before.

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