Average Day in Magius: Story Simulation - Chapter V: The Last Part

Writer's Notes

writing this part felt like im high on some kind of drugs

also I kinda took noticeable creative liberty on the ancient language, since how it works canonically felt too easy for what i would give my characters

also see yall later with chap VI next tuesday (for my timezone) ehe

- Jamil

The “fun” option won, it seems.
The chapter will come to an end soon, let’s end it with another “fun” then.

     The rustling and creaking sounds faded away, along with the magic energy Aurielle sensed.
     Rael looked back at the hole underwater. The stone frame surrounding the hole’s entrance seemed… off. It was like someone built this hole for a purpose. With barely information about the people gathering in this area, this may give them something.
     “What’s with this hole…” Rael placed the paddles ​down as he inhaled, and dived into the water.
     He could only hear muffled shouts from above, as he continued heading towards the hole.
     Once he plunged himself into it, the waters sent him along the path beneath. He stopped once he saw the ground below, and he continued through the watery path ahead of him. His got his body out of the water, and let the water guide him through the path ahead.
     As he began to move along the flowing water, the water behind splashed on him as the path grew brighter. He grabbed the stone wall as he turned back, almost blinded by the light magic in Aurielle’s hand, and he noticed Jean beside her.
     “At least warn us if you’re jumping off like that!” Jean yelled at Rael, as she shivered in her drenched state. Aurielle was caught off guard by Jean suddenly yelling. Rael on the other hand, couldn’t see if Jean was pissed or freezing right now. It could be both.
     After a moment of silence, Aurielle grabbed Jean’s hand, “Let’s just continue exploring this… thing.”
     Rael nodded, before he continued walking through the waters with Aurielle’s light from behind. The ceiling was tall enough for him to stretch out, so the water stayed at his knee level.
     He stopped as he realized that he was at the top of a waterfall, before looking at the stone wall ahead of him. He took a deep breath as he scanned the wall ahead of the waterfall above and below, and tried to leap to the wall with all the strength in his legs.

     While he was falling along with the water after the leap, he clung to a stone on the wall. He climbed upwards with the stones placed on the wall.
     He saw the path leading above, placed even higher than the underground waterfall. And he continued climbing until he arrived at a stone ground.
     He waited for Aurielle and Jean for a moment, before he noticed a light glowing from beneath, followed by Jean and Aurielle arriving at the same ground.

     Once the trio set their feet on the ground, Aurielle’s light magic circle illuminated the place, revealing that they were inside a room, with writings written over the walls. Upon inspecting closer, they found out the writings were written in ancient letters.
     Rael recognized the letters, but they were spelled and worded in a way Rael didn’t recognize at all. He couldn’t figure out what these could mean, it appeared as if it was a foreign language that used the same alphabets he learned about. “A… Wha— Is this word over here supposed to be… Uh, ‘mountain’?”
     “I guess?” Jean too, didn’t recognize the language. And she was just as confused as Rael. Though, she could only watch Rael attempting to guess what was written, as she didn’t know where to even start guessing.
     Aurielle on the other hand, had been talking to herself as both of her students tried to make sense of the written text. “If we’re still inside the Marshlands, that word over there could be ‘north’… Northern, last, bird— Wait, what if this was in a different language…? What if it was one of tho—”
     A cut-out scream echoed from below, followed by sounds of aggressive crashes into the stone, and some splashes.

First priority?
  • Try to translate the ancient letters (horribly)
  • Record the ancient letters somewhere (horribly)
  • Check what just happened below (horribly)

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Who has time to check out an explosion right below them when there’s funny words to figure out

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