Reminders for AO (Part 4)

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goated final message



It’s reallll
What a moment in history right here :pensive:

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cryo’s gonna castrate you for making the final messages side chatter btw

@Cryonical this was truely an Arcane Odyssey pt 3…




just continue here if you have more to say so we stop flooding

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I’m actually about to snap and I don’t even care about explaining why anymore cause I’ve already done it like 30 fucking times. Here’s a tldr for all of you who didn’t read any of them, somehow, or you’re new to here, in which case I’m sorry as these people have probably made it very difficult for you to use the thread as intended.

For those who plan to post here, Only post patch notes or new information/media, replies directly to said game updates, and links to topics to actually talk about and discuss them (so dumbasses don’t keep doing it here which floods the thread).

Actual discussion (as I said commenting on patch notes is fine as long as it doesn’t get into replying to replies) or off topic things in here will result you in getting a punishment of my liking and I have barely any sympathy for some of you people anymore so please stop ignoring these rules. I should not have to babysit this thread.



no (3 chars)

To make reminders actually about the patch notes again, here’s a recap of where we left off for the last five patch notes:

There’s been a notable increase in the time between patches that Vetex has released, my main assumption is that island and story contents are taking a while to add (or it could also be other stuff, it is getting close to christmas). Regardless of the reason, Vetex should definitely take his time.


hoo boy oh how I yearn for vet’s patreon posts

Cool to see him chipping away at the next story area, these are the kinds of changes I’ve been anticipating most. A couple things:
-I bet this isll probably feel more like 1 story part than 2 when actually playing the game
-I haven’t really been keeping up, do we think the player has already reached sameria at this point? that’d be a believable reason for why patch notes have taken so long lately (had to make a kingdom island) but it seems a bit early in the second sea for that, I would think there would be at least some stops before you got there. Could possibly be an ambush on the way to sameria that forces you to make a stop at a different island, or something like that


Yeah, I think most people were expecting this.

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there’s a good chance it’s already on sameria, but it would be interesting if you got jumped by a ton of ships

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I was right.

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An interesting question is WHO ambushed us, currently our only “declared” enemies are Ravenna and the Order.
Tho did Calvus even inform the rest of the Order about what were up too?

Mage meta with 252 magic lets go

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I’ll have to make a new post discussing the meta of level 126