So how do the trust levels work?

it’s in the title, how do they work?

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from my knowledge, i believe it goes from trust level 0 (nothing), level 1 (basic), level 2 (member), level 3 (regular) and finally level 4 (leader)

**most of these information are derived from the trust level badges

  • level 0 - has restrictions to prevent spam or flood and such as a countermeasure, but can read and all the basic stuff

  • level 1 - has restrictions lifted & granted all community features, such as flagging, personal messaging, editing, etc.

  • level 2 - same thing as level one but you can obtain it after about two weeks; but you can send invitations, make personal group messages, & have more likes per day

  • level 3 - slightly different than the levels before this, as it takes months to get this trust tier but you’re granted the ability to recategorize & rename topics, have a private lounge area, and have way more likes per day (YOU CAN ACTUALLY LOSE THIS TRUST LEVEL BY INACTIVITY)

  • level 4 - this is an extremely powerful trust level where only they can’t be obtained by normal means; only by a staff of this forum. its ability is to be able to edit all posts & take common moderation actions like pin, close, unlist, archive, split, and merge.

anyways i hope this answered your question lol


To add on, the most important requirements for each TL is as follows:

  • TL0 (New User) - join the forum
  • TL1 (Basic User) - just read the forum for 5 minutes
  • TL2 (Member) - 15 visits, you’d probably get the other requirements on the day you join the forum
  • TL3 (Regular) - at least 50 visits within 100 days, 15% of new posts read (caps at 5000) in the last 100 days, 15% of new topics entered (caps at 500) in the last 100 days
  • TL4 (Leader) - granted by forum staff only if you have demonstrated exemplary conduct as a forum user over several months

Sadly i cant cheat my way to regular with the old like farming method :pensive:


TL3 requirements have been changed to 15% instead of the former 25% (the other requirements remain the same):partying_face: :clap:
(not out of context)

Guilds + Marketplace were making up 70% of the posts.


i didnt even know this

How do you check your trust level?


legendary 2 year necrobump :scream:


just check your own profile

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Your current trust level displays in your profile. if you want to view your progress towards Regular/TL3, you can check out Forum Check-Up / Name Change


and how exactly are visits counted?

A visit is a day your account is active on the forums. So if I got onto the site 5 days in the past week, that’s 5 visits


how do u gain visits?

Each day you log onto the forums counts as a visit. So 15 visits is being online on the forums for 15 days

damn 15 days thas tuff well thankyou and have a great day

How do I check my trust lvl

scroll up 10 messages