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Written by Cryonical, edited by DocTheWarBird
Sound Magic!
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The Hook!
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Hey, this is Cryonical :wave:. Welcome back to another anchor of The Odyssey Feed! We’ve got some exciting news to cover this time around, so let’s dive in :mariomug:!

First of all, we have some details on the newest skill; Shot! It’s a short range AOE similar to a beam :boom:. Nice how it still fits with the theme of the Fighting Style moves so far :punch:. Adding to this, the visuals in general have been improved and adjusted!

The third piece of information in this version is a pretty good one; there will now be more Criminal Shipwrights scattered around the Bronze Sea, though not much information is specified :mag:. This is pretty great, and means criminals have other places to go besides the one criminal island in each sea if they want to repair their ship :hammer:.

Moving on! Status effect overlays on characters have been improved. Relating to this, the darkness of blood stains on characters has been increased :knife:. Some nice visual changes!

Speaking of visual changes, Notoriety stars will not display over 5. Matches pretty well with some of the other Notoriety mechanics and how it (kind of) caps out in general at 5 stars :nod:.

Some quick adjustments to fighting styles! All fighting styles skills have been cut in half to better match the cost of weapons. They were quite strenuous before :sleeper:! Additionally, the visuals of the Shot technique have been improved :ok_hand:.

If you still do want to cook a good meal to keep your stamina in prime condition, then it might take just a bit less time now, as items can be inserted into cooking pots faster than before :zap:! Let’s move on.

We finally have some details on Rushdown, which was quite mysterious before. It seems to have a barrage part and a finisher with customizable directional knockback, similar to Crash. Neat :v:!

Next, some huge optimization. Inventories with over 100k items have had their loading time cut by 95 percent, and smaller inventories have had their loading times cut by 80%. That’s pretty amazing :poggers2: Additionally, scrolling through the variety of UIs in the game has been optimized.

Lastly, a few smaller adjustments. Slam type Smashes have had their endlag increased by two times, rightfully so as you could act nearly directly out of them before :fr:. On top of this, Edward Kenton (The first co-captain) no longer has a fishmonger shop. Not sure if it’s been totally removed or if i’m reading it wrong, but perhaps it’s some lore reason :thinking:.

The next version, v1.9.166, is perhaps the longest version we’ve seen yet, requiring me to scroll to 33% just to fit the whole thing on my screen :cold_sweat:. The reason for this is because it’s mostly weapon balancing. If you want to see all that, visit the trello yourself. I, however, will not be covering all that since there’s not really a point :fr:.

First, we have a change to the muscles gamepass :muscle:! The arms will now visually appear different. We’re not sure in what way, though :mariomug:.

Next, some wonderful changes to basic movement! Charging a high jump won’t slow your horizontal as much, and your momentum will now be conserved after both high jumps and dodges. Perhaps it feels much nicer than before :eyes:.

Next, ships are now a bit less safe from large waves. The stability stat now has twice less effect on the damage they deal, so beware :warning:! Severe weather is also more common and lasts longer, so you’ll perhaps be finding some more large waves. Danger ahead!

However, this doesn’t compare to the next dangerous addition to Arcane Odyssey :cold_sweat:… Tsunamis have been added :ocean:! 20% of large waves (This rate has been nerfed in the next version) will be tsunamis, which are two times as big and travel 3 times as far compared to normal large waves :dash:. On top of this, they’re more resilient against hitting land, and can flood several islands before dissipating! What makes them even more dangerous, however, is that they are far more destructive :boom:. Not only do they do much more damage to ships, but they can destroy buildings that they sweep past, as well. The War Seas just got a bit more dangerous!

To match the destructive capabilities of tsunamis, terrain destruction has been optimized, along with frame drops from destruction. And apparently, NPCs now don’t like the water just as much as you do, and will climb up the side of ships to get to you, making them much harder to cheese :cheese:.

Next, a change to fighting styles in general; what before were called Skills are now Techniques :nod:! This means that magic attacks are called Spells, weapon attacks are called Skills, and fighting attacks are called Techniques. Quite amazing :+1:!

You know how grab attacks are useless against bosses :thinking:? Not anymore, since hitting a boss with a grab attack will now deal 75% of its normal damage upon the initial contact :punch:, which is a great solution in my opinion.

But it’s not only weapons and fighting styles here getting an upgrade :eyes:, as heat-based magics are getting a great interaction to avoid people camping in water to nullify their attacks. When Fire, Magma, Plasma, and Explosion magic spells touch water, they will create clouds of scalding steam that will damage opponents :fire:. Nowhere to hide!

Lastly for this humongous version, there’s now an incentive to visit the glaciers created on the open sea by snow clouds; chests will spawn on them! A really neat small addition that adds a lot more than it seems :cold_face:.

Most of the things in this version we’ve already covered previously for convenience, so we’ve got just a bit more to go :point_right:! First, the cost of using repair hammers is now half as much as it was before :moneybag:. Because of this, the cost of repairing your ship on the fly and doing it instantly at a shipwright have matched up! Definitely helps a lot.

Next, Crystal Magic has been optimized. You could definitely get crashed by crystal magic captains and wanted NPCs, so it’s great that it will no longer happen :frsleepin::ok_hand:.

Lastly, we have something pretty big :drum:; the beginning of the Grand Navy :poggers2:! The rank uniforms are currently being designed. Can’t wait to see future trello notes about the workings of this government!

That’s all for today’s anchor of The Odyssey Feed. Peace out :v:!

On Topic!
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All Noteworthy Islands
Posted by @SpectreTheFox

With Arcane Odyssey releasing in just a few months, a lot of people have been compiling information about the game, and in this case it’s no different :face_with_monocle:. Spectre has gone through every public island and analyzed them with all the information that the public knows about each :chart_with_upwards_trend:. It’s neat to read through and gives a pretty good perspective on just how much building we’ve witnessed :hammer:!

Arcane Art!
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:tornado: Enzo Booth :tornado:
Created by @Ecilion

There was a lot of great art this week, but this one just really caught my eye :eye:. Enzo, seemingly a wind wizard, whips up a storm around him while posing with beige boots, black pants, a handsome blue vest, and a beige hat to top off the drip :cold_face:. Matching with the cold background colors, it’s a sight to behold. Great job :ok_hand:!

Writing Wizardry!
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The Assassination Job
Written by @Shellseawing

Assassination is a tough job… and the difficulty of each task can be easily underestimated in the work of killing. Steven takes an assassination contract of a normal looking man with a sky high reward; it’s almost too good to be true :moneybag:! And with his advanced skills with weapons and wind magic, it’ll surely be enough to get the job done :nod:.

The Chart!
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Last anchor’s riddle solver was @Maple! Congratulations for being the first to crack it! The answer was… ”Astra”!

You Open The Scroll…

“The option of power.”

First to comment or message me with the answer will get a shoutout next anchor!

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This stuff happens all the time but usually I fix it pretty fast. I always appreciate people reporting those mistakes, though :+1:.


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The Odyssey Feed needs to exist in AO 100%.

Just get a news icon where you can check the latest and previous feeds. This shit needs to be shared in game :hot_face:


W feed as always

For fighting styles, it would be the Knockback option

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