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Created by Cryonical, edited by DocTheWarBird!

Tuesday, August 2, 2022 (US)


Sound Magic!

Pandora Palace

Composed by Toby Fox


The Hook!

Welcome back to another anchor of The Odyssey Feed! We have an absolute boatload to talk about, so this might be a long one.

First of all, Metal Magic has been completely revamped (very quickly :zap:)! Maybe one of the fastest ones yet :flushed:.

Next up, a few major guild changes to prepare for the new system that’s been talked about for ages. Confirmed by Vetex many times, all guild data will be removed, and this promise has finally seen the light of day :sun:.

Infamy gain and loss from killing guild members, being killed by guild members, and combat logging has also been removed! We know that territory capturing will replace this, and we’ve talked about it briefly a few times here :thinking:.

Now, we have some changes to parties. The default name of a party when you create it will be based off of your username instead of file name, which makes sense considering so many other changes similar to this. Parties no longer level up, either; While it was somewhat cool, it was basically entirely irrelevant :fr:.

Next up, we have some visual changes: The Inbox UI and the “hovering over a clan in the player list” UI have been greatly improved. Even greater than this though, is the death of Invisible Clans :boom:! If you’ve been in a clan, you’ve seen at least a few people with clans with no icon at all, which puts them in a great advantage as other guilds can many a time not see them coming and get easily caught off guard. However, in the player list, there’s now a colored bar showing their allegiance to their clan :+1:

Last up, you now cannot join the same clan with several different files at once. Definitely an interesting change, probably to make it more difficult to cheat member counts or grind infamy easily.

Speaking of infamy, the next few patch note pages are all about the new infamy system. So i’m just going to sum it up for you :nod:! We’ll cover all the other things on those patch notes after… kind of like last anchor.

  • Only wilderness islands can be claimed, so that clans don’t interfere with people doing the storyline as much :v:, similarly to how you can’t place camps on storyline islands.
  • When entering an island captured by a clan, text showing that it is claimed will appear with the clan’s name, surrounded by the clan’s icon. If an island is recaptured while you’re on it, this text will show again :eye:.
  • Any one player can only capture a single island for obvious reasons. If you leave, the island you captured will be uncaptured :boom:.
  • It takes 20 seconds of being on an island to claim it for your guild. A bar will appear at the top of the screen with this progress. When it is taken, all members of the clan that took it in the server will get a notification.
  • If the island is currently owned by another clan, it will take an extra second for every 500 infamy that clan has :hourglass:, and it will notify all players in that clan on the server. This makes it harder to steal islands from more powerful guilds :muscle:.
  • If there are several different clans trying to take over an island, it will become “contested” :crossed_swords:, accompanied by a status and message on the claim progress bar, and all claiming progress will pause. This forces the clans to fight until only one clan is remaining on the island, where progress will resume.
  • After an island changes ownership, it will go under protection and no other clan will be able to capture it for the next 5 minutes. This prevents things going back and forth too fast :dash:.
  • Islands that are claimed by a clan cannot have campsites placed on them for obvious reasons :nod:. All campsites on an island will also be removed if it is claimed by a clan.

Infamy gain from capturable islands will only be enabled (As explained and shown by an icon in the Clan UI) if:

  • There are at least 10 players in the server
  • There are at least 2 unique clans in the server

When this threshold is reached or if it is gone under, a notification will be sent to all clan members saying such, which is definitely pretty great :pray:.

Now, how is the actual infamy gain? Every 5 minutes, all clans will get 2 infamy for each basic island they have captured, 3 for each central island, and 4 for each larger island :chart_with_upwards_trend:. This means that larger and more prominent wilderness islands grant more power and infamy to your clan. When this infamy gain happens, clans will receive a notification saying how much infamy in total they got :thinking:.

Here’s a few clan-related ideas for the future you might find very interesting :eyes:

We’ve known about Island Building (Super good future feature :ok_hand:) for quite some time, but Clan Minigames and Clan Flagship are new and interesting :thinking:. Clan Flagship and Kingdom Islands remind me of the Guild Hall idea in World of Magic, where the clan comes together to create a home base. These sound super cold :cold_face:!

And the Clan Minigames sound equally intriguing, especially that there’s infamy on the line. Some ideas presented are ship battles and capture the flag, both which sound super cool and would add a great deal of fun to the game :poggers2:.

It’s definitely a much better system. Something interesting though is that the only way to lose infamy is being killed by a different clan on a capturable island. This will remove 2 infamy from your guild, and 6 if you’re the leader. This is only going to happen if you’re trying to steal an island from a clan or vice versa.

I remember owning a guild in World of Magic (Which is its own discord server now), but unfortunately disbanded it since I was simply too stressed out by the horrible system of having to simply pvp and gank for infamy :frsleeper:. This fixes everything, since it seems there’s not as much pressure being forced on us now :nod:.

Meanwhile throughout those patch notes, poison, plasma, sand, and glass were revamped, in just a few lines of text, which is definitely a pretty big W :pray:. And after you die, another player on the wheel of your ship does not stop the despawn timer, making it so people can’t steal your ship as easily :+1:.

Next up, let’s look at some of the new stats and such in the Clan UI: First, there’s now scroll-over text regarding the clan bank along with infamy :eyes:.

We also have some new stats! These are Total Islands Claimed and Current Islands Claimed, allowing you to flex on your friends :mariomug: (among other uses as well)! This comes along with some new hints regarding the brand new infamy system :bulb:.

That’s all for this anchor! I love the new system and I hope you guys do as well :wave::poggers2:


On Topic!

Umbralis v2: Reshaded

Posted by @RayhanahyaR

After a month of hard work, Rayhan submitted his incredible work to the second TRIA.os mapmaking competition: Umbralis v2: Reshaded :boom:! It’s a remake of the map he submitted to the first mapmaking competition, and it shows just how many hours went into this! Take a look at the video for yourself. It’s a monochrome world of delicate shapes and lines with music to match. Great job Ray :ok_hand:!


Arcane Art!

Lost Elemental : The Slash Yì-Qí

Created by @liu

It’s been a hot minute since we’ve seen an art topic from liu, so let’s take a look! As part of the Lost Magic Elementals Collab, this one being Slash Magic Elemental :crossed_swords:! Take a look at the speedpaint yourself to see how, over time, this one was crafted. I love how the whole thing is presented in tones of green, matching up with the theme :pray:.


Writing Wizardry!

ADIM: Lost Things - Chapter VIII: The Pair

Written by @BNTarwarn

In yet another charming adventure (I will not stop using that pun :joy_cat:) of Virgil, we go back to some enchanting story and dialogue. In some casual conversation, Virgil asks to enchant some of Carson’s amulets :crystal_ball:. And it’s up to you which ones he enchants in this newest chapter of the most interactive series :boom:!


The Chart!

Last anchor’s riddle solver was @Gagiu! Congratulations for being the first to crack it!

The answer was… ”1/5”!

You open the chart, and it reads…


First to comment or message me with the answer will get a shoutout next anchor!


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Thanks for reading!

Can’t wait for all the leaderboard clan names to get stolen! Will be pretty funny.


Thanks for the shoutout to Umbralis. It has more connections to AO than you think, Umbralis was originally an island in Robobitch Odyssey and the name was suggested by Robotstics. You get your best ideas from the weirdest things…

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I can definitely confirm that.

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The one time i’m early enough to answer the chart

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I’ve done these types of riddles before in the past, i’m sure you’ll get it



All jokes aside, great anchor as always

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request for names?

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Got it!

Let’s all be ready to steal Suncry when AO comes out.

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Banger read as always :poggers2:

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my favorite artist :sunglasses:

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I don’t give a crap about clans anymore, but this is exciting nonetheless

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