What are your predictions for the next sea?

steampunk technology in AO please

imagine if he add a machine gun lol

I want arcanium tesla cannons

ok but at this point im tired of being known as the annoying shitposter so im gonna leave for awhile

how to not be known as the annoying shitposter:

don’t shitpost and instead participate in conversations

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i’m hoping the difficulty is upped a bit, the only genuinely hard fight in bronze sea was calvus so i hope that each boss in this sea has decent difficulty

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imagine its just like you can do expeditions to the cursed sea under the nimbus clouds just like how you can do expeditions to the dark sea

Im pretty sure the guy at sailor’s lodge said something along the lines of:
“Leviathan itself is small but the storms always acompanying it can get bad enough to sink entire fleets”

(Ice and magma path meta when)

brother i have tried but i am still shot down

“but it can sink entire fleets of ships”

also the guy says that it’s found under stormy weather, which doesn’t imply the storms sink fleets

I’m p sure tech said that if we had a hard time fighting calvus we are absolutely dead in the second sea

it took me like a few tries but I managed to solo him on my weapons file as a level 61 :triumph:

personally i saw the place being a lot more circular this time with the main sea dwelling kingdom being the first we see on the first half of the sea but the remaining part of the sea is just hyper riddled in sky islands

Sea w/ islands (no rift present idk where or how it would be placed):

taking the potential sky extremely magically radiated geyser/water spout

Sea w/ Sky islands:

Entire Nimbus sea entirely

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For the next sea I have the feeling that we might protect the Sameria province since Calvus said Keraxe will try to start another war, if we do end up protecting the Sameria province Im guessing chief alfrain might return

Maybe he will train us by this fightning, he always can lower power slider like Theos did.
We also don’t know how strong Warren is, his curse is strong and he live some hundreds years, but he is most likely younger than Theos and Theos was strong enough to kill Rupin or Trigno or Averil, which are curse users too.
And since Warren was trying to hide his identity, its probably means Order trying to hunt him down which means thats stronger people exist.

yo where did u get that from? is it just an estimate/guess or is that accurate info from the devs or something.

Given that the queen rules there (in case we are shown only Sameria at first) and you assume that there will be mostly sky islands, I can assume that we will be shown a kingdom with pink castles in the sky.

Fuck, its looks like 2nd AA sea…

i’m pretty sure they made it up

like sock said, i quickly scrambled it in illustrator 2022 to what i thought the sea could probably look like paired w/ how cool it would be like if there was an extensive part of the sea that has sky ships flying around and about since they’re very niche atm