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Created by Cryonical, edited by DocTheWarBird!

(Date here. EX: Monday, April 18, 2021) (US)


Sound Magic!

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Composed by Sharou


The Hook!

Hey, this is Cryonical. Welcome here to another anchor of The Odyssey Feed! I’m writing this in a college my mother works in right now with a comfy chair and a rest to sit my chromebook on. Nice campus that i’ve been to many times :ok_hand:! We’re going to get started promptly, now.

The very first thing we have to cover is a brand new trello card: Stat Builds!

The first thing you’ll notice here is that it covers the percentage of each stat you’ll need to create said build :thinking:! Though this information is nothing new, it certainly clears up things and will help less knowledgeable individuals :nod:.

However: We have some newer things as well: New weapon types :poggers2:! There’s now a weapon for all 4 stats, these being Artisan Weapons, Spirit Weapons, Strength Weapons, and Arcanium Weapons :flushed:. Let’s go over each separately.

Artisan weapons can only be used by Warrior builds, and are much stronger than normal weapons. They also have unique skills! Overall this has a lot of potential for Warriors and will definitely provide some variety and power :boom:!

Spirit Weapons are definitely the most interesting out of the new 3 weapon types. These weapons don’t seem to require any weapon stat aptitude, and instead scale their power with vitality. Their abilities correlate with spirits and souls :ghost:. There’s been a lot of speculation about maybe using your own life to attack, similar to Sacrifice Magic (making use of your high vitality) or draining the life of your opponents, perhaps :mag:. Super hype overall!

Discuss it here, if you can ignore the 80 comment long argument :sleeper:.

The last new weapon here are strength weapons, which will scale with both the strength and weapon stats, and require a minimum strength stat. Another good name for this weapon is “We do a little damage”, since these weapons are absolutely humongous. Can’t wait for huge hammers, swords, and greataxes :mariomug:. It’s gonna be sick!

Arcanium Weapons are nothing new, but are still pretty hype anyways. Cool how we have a weapon for each build now :eyes:!

Finally, we have two new story parts in v1.9.67: “The Brink of Death”, and “Finding Argos”. Very interesting :frhigh:… Also some more visual improvements, including acid bubbling, ring and slash wave particle revamps, along with a few more things for acid magic :v:! That’s all for this anchor, folks! ccCCCYYYA :wave:!


On Topic!

Magic Leaks

Posted by @nurafstafari

There’s been a decent amount of magic leaks in Arcane Odyssey, outfitted with the huge magic improvements we received a while ago :ok_hand:. But there’s a lot of magics the public is still yet to see media of! If you were able to see one of these magics, which would it be :thinking:? If I wasn’t a tester right now it would definitely be ice, but what about you?


Arcane Art!


AA Webcomic - Chapter 30 Part 3

Created by @LittleShrekSheep

Chaos on the 7 seas is stirring :stew:! With absurd mirages instigating drama, Durza snooping around in Juniper’s mind, Rupin taking any costs to ensure victory, and Angel reaching her limits, it seems like there’s some action on the horizon :poggers2:. I originally released this anchor without art, and after BNT talked some sense into me, I decided that I would start allowing myself to include the webcomics (I thought they wouldn’t fit here originally).


Writing Wizardry!

The Dark Seas - May Writing Prompt - Part One

Written by @A_Name

Back in the 7 Seas, things are looking grim for the last remaining people, and time is running out :frpensive:. So, a crew is picked out to set for a new life… a mysterious continent theorized to be across the sea. Though their situation is dire, certainly the Dark Seas couldn’t be any worse. Or could it :cold_sweat:? Even though Magius isn’t canon anymore, this is still a really cool story from a cooler perspective :fire:. Awesome writing!


The Chart!

Last anchor’s riddle solver was @Divanohohochi! Congratulations for being the first to crack it!

The answer was… ”Frostmill”!

You open the chart, and it reads…

A chaotic concoction where the seas meet their end.

First to comment or message me with the answer will get a shoutout next anchor!


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Thanks for reading!

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Damn my guess was the wrath of the Gods (Durza’s explosion that took out 3 seas) or Chaos coming to the 7 seas and ravaging them

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Dark seas is nothing but chaos and its the end of the seas that are habitable

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