What is the greatest topic you have ever made?

I mean I think it’s partially our fault too, we encouraged his behaviour heavily and I feel a bit bad none of us, especially me, didn’t step up to point out what he was doing was kinda weird, I mean at the end of the day I guess it was kinda funny but I mean I assumed it was just gonna die out and ezia was gonna get over this weird phase of his life.

I mean I still stand by the notion he didn’t mean to do what he did, and although I don’t support or condone his behaviour, I still feel bad for him.

Well moving on from that discussion this is probably my personal greatest topic as I love the way this game is coming along

Or this

pee pee poo poo

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(It was closed since there was some level of drama in there and people would poke fun at the banned)

a topic where i ask the forum which AU character do they think is a virgin

it was the first (and only… so far) post of mine to get removed

i am very proud of it

joke aside

i dunno

probably the one im about to make ( it is 2 and a half in the morning and all of my restrains have been turned off )

marvelous post as always, my liege


probably about Avian Legends or Deepwoken Charisma warning

also avian legends is probably cancelled because i got hired to work on Arcane Origins (online fighting remake)

What happens to mf who stays up untill 12:00
AM watching creepypasta videos :moyai:

this one over anything else because they’re all dead projects lol

Idk what’s the best topic I ever made, can anyone try finding my magnum opus of my topics?

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If anyone was wondering, the campaign went fairly well. and I’m very grateful for all the insight and replies.


if i were to resume Avian Legends, it won’t even be itself anymore

theres gonna be 4 races of flying humanoids:

  • Bird Humanoid
  • Bat Humanoid
  • Mosquito Humanoid
  • Butterfly Humanoid
which flying humanoid race would you pick based on appearance (they dont look that disgusting)
  • Bird Race
  • Bat Race
  • Mosquito Race
  • Butterfly Race

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also in the real game, the races are probably not cosmetic (they have stat differences)

mosquito race so I have an excuse to commit murder.

I prefer being a phoenix

so that’s a (fire magic) bird

birb race but on fire

i second this