What is the greatest topic you have ever made?

self explanatory title, I have a few W posts, but nothing, NOTHING, beats this:

@ThatAsianInTheCorner wood be proud

what’s your favorite post and why?

this is the greatest topic of all time

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This or my shop idk

The topic
I made where I where I showed you my cookies that I made! :+1::cookie::cookie::cookie:

Probably my favorite topic I’ve created and thought about doing a sequel to it.

easily the best

I have a plan for something, but it’s gonna take ages so IG the photoshopping thread??

This story

certainly nothing from my Leandre Drake era

Going off of views and reply count probably the rare magic variation thread I created

I really enjoyed reading peoples ideas for alt colors and variations

idk one of the like, 6 topics i’ve made
i barely make topics

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I like these ones

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My most Iconic post by far

The deepwoken one is a close second

We don’t talk about my first 3 top topics :no_mouth:

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Dont know if i should be proud or sad about this one…


very sad.

but nah tho they worded their ban like it was a fucking war crime