EYTSH's CLOSED Shack - The End

EYTSH's CLOSED Shack - The End
convenience 4.722222222222222 18 fairness 4.705882352941177 17 trustworthiness 4.833333333333333 18

This shop has been closed permanently, I no longer use this site. You may click the button in the top right to view the past contents of my WoM inventory.


Get pinged n00bs :troll:

how much i need pay for a boss weapon?

Depending on the weapon you’ll have to offer other boss weapons or good enchant boss armour, preferably good enchant boss armour since I’m low on them and they’re nice. :flushed:

i dig it

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I’ll give a clean sunken set (no sword) for all your sunken items

Deal, I’m in a server rn if you wanna warp :flushed:
Oh wait I forgot I had a sunken sword…neeevermind

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F, Alr gl with ur shop

Thamks :flushed: :point_right: :point_left:
Mostly made it out of boredom and just to list my inventory, will probably get more use in AO tho

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pretty noice shop

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Yeah I’m waiting for AO to make my shop. I don’t want it to be dead when AO starts.

I planned on making it on AO aswell
But you see the way my bank account is set up…

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good shop, just 1 thing doe, try to make your most valuable items in the top, like for boss armor try to have strong mino and hard exiled at the top so people can look for these really quick (cuz most people want clean or good enchant armor not bad enchant ones and most people lazy and dont wanna look through all that boss drops) and same with sunkens, try to list your amulets (it takes a long time but its gud) and wizard builds etc. but other than that, its a pretty good shop. giving 5 on all! keep up the good work my fellow trader!

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sunken pls

Body is too short (minimum is 3 characters)

I will :b:olish it up tmrw

whats a shop

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woaw :flushed:

What for the clean set of mino armor? (No weapons)

I’ll give you a clean set for a clean vastira :thinking: