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I had this idea of making a Trello recensing every single concept of Base Magic variation, Lost Magic and Ancient Magic, it can be good or bad I don’t care, just gimme the name of your Magic/Variation idea, if possible give me as much details as you can, it’s effects, how it looks like, an icon, and if you have the time for it, it’s exact stats, after that I’ll add it to the Trello, it will be of yourse written that it is your idea not mine.

You are not forced to give details such as stats, but I need at least a name and something special about it

Here is the link to the trello, it’s empty for now since there are no ideas yet. If you have an idea just post it down below.

Now gimme your ideas :gun:

Firstly the trello is private, secondly I do actually have an idea for a lost magic concept I’ll try to work on it more.

I had put in on public lmao, why is it private now ? Well thx for the info I’ll try and fix it

Should be fixed now, but you can give the idea even if it’s not finished yet and I’ll modify it later when you want

My idea is mist magic and I am currently working on an icon/magic circle thing now

No desc or effect idea yet ? Is it Lost or Ancient

Lost but I’ll work on a description and effects

K allready added it in uncompleted ideas


The classic “arcane magic”, a magic with no particular elemental alignment. Completely neutral magic in terms of all stats, essentially a basic neon white. Clash rates are all neutral, meaning that having more power than your opponent is key. Could be a lost magic.

Even did this thing ages ago as a magic circle for it (AA style)

Arcane Magic v2

Then, there’s mine, “polychromatism”. A magic that has weaker stats than the aforementioned arcane magic. It uses a similar appearance to arcane but its spells vary in colour. Each colour is tied to an effect of another magic (including healing), with higher-tier ones being rarer. If the chosen magic does not have a status effect, it would encompass its main gimmick (e.g. wind’s knockback thing, (some of) metal’s clash rates, ash clouds, glass’ mess). Similar to promethean flame in some parts, but not completely. I was thinking of drawing a magic circle for it a while ago too.

Thank you ! I’ll finish adding a few that were sent to me then I’ll add these. Just one question, is Polychromatism Magic Lost or Ancient ?

Oh, I forgot that. It’s kinda split. It’s not all that powerful, yet it has the potential to produce ancient magic effects. I would say it’s lost for now since it is more likely to produce base and lost magic effects than ancient ones. I might make a magic circle for polychromatism some time later and update arcane’s to an AO magic circle.

Mist Magic -
Mist Magic is a lost magic that resembles mist, it looks like slightly blue-tinted smoke, and it usually uses small attacks that leave mist clouds behind.
Effect: Misted - Slightly blinds the opponent, but also makes them damaged more by cold-based attacks, can stack like other blindness effects. Standing in the mist clouds very slightly slows and affects the player in the mist cloud with Misted.
Stats -
Slightly below average clashing, but better against energy-based magics.
Mist magic attacks count as cold-based.
Slightly above average damage
Above average speed
Slightly below average size
Below-average terrain destruction
Below-average structure destruction.

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Thank you very much ! But I’ll need the stats in numbers please

oh ok

Damage - 1.025x
Speed - 1.4x
Size - 1.05X
Both Destructions - 0.38x

Impossible since Structure Destruction = Terrain Drstruction x Damage Affinity

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oh uhh
I didn’t know that was a thing

Only terrain 0.38x then

Your maic has been added, now I’ll do Ultimate’s ones when I will have found out how to add that magic icon

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ok thanks