I need help from the forum

I’m gonna make a shitpost compilation that summarizes the cursed things that can be found in the forums and format them into a video with Mr Blue Sky over them. I need everything yall got.

It’s going to take me a minute :mariomug:

More so an hour


oh god the flood gates are opening

I will return tomorrow for the results

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Ok here’s a couple





all I am seeing is “Draw her giving birth”

Have a cookie :cookie:

Misread it

god damnit i thought ill never have to see this again…

Wait is this just a forum simulator?

Insert the It’s Always Sunny theme here

Funny enough, this was the top post the first time I opened the Forums, and it made me want to stay away for a while.


You could pretty much add every archived post in this topic

Where’s Mimhere?

Bro why’d you have to but Arcane Academy in there!? :cold_sweat:

Anyway this is a better version of TAA: Totally Accurate Arcane (Remake) - Art - Arcane Odyssey

Also this… someone asked for this to be created and I couldn’t say no.